What's going on? He's running away!
Slippy Toad

Golemech is a boss found on the easy route of Venom in Star Fox 64 and it's 3DS rerelease. It is currently debated as to whether it was created by Andross, or if it was the lost Cornerius tribe's relic, which Andross just found during his exile.


Golemech is a large ape-like construct with its weak interior protected by an outer shell of stone. The boss's name is a portmanteau of "golem", a living stone statue featured in many myths but originating in Judaism, and "mech", though "mech" usually refers to robotic vehicles that are operated by pilots instead of just robots like the Golemech, though it could also come from "mechanical".


It is not known whether or not Golemech is something Andross created or something he discovered in the ancient ruins that dot the surface of Venom. Few archeologists surveys were sent to Venom before Andross took it over as his base, but Corneria University scientists believe that the legendary Lost Tribe of Cornerus did, indeed, inhabit Venom in the distant past. They also think it possible that Golemech is a remnant of the Lost Tribe's technology. Ancient texts state that the tribe eventually struck out into space to find a new home, but what became of them, no one knows.
—Lylat Datalink, Evidence of a lost tribe?, pg 110.

The Star Fox Team encountered Golemech at the temple just ahead of Andross's Palace, where the rocky titan acted as the final line of defence. Slippy Toad didn't understand what the giant was running away for if it were to be the last defence, as well as Falco warning Fox not to get too close. The escape was a distraction since Golemech was altering the tunnel behind it to try and lead the Arwing into hazardous obstacles to crash into, but the giant was not able to prevent the small, quick squadron of starfighters from peeling away it's hull with laser fire until the sensitive core was exposed which destroyed Golemech and allowed Star Fox to continue reaching the Ape Emperor.

In the Comic

Golemech appears briefly in the Lylat Wars Comic, having been impaled by Fox like he did Vulcain, while wearing an angry face.



  • A similar enemy type and boss appear in Star Fox Command for the Nintendo DS.
  • A near-identical character named Eox appears as the boss of Mutoh's Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.
  • Apparently, the boss battle itself has a time limit, and that players who take far too long to defeat it will end up flying into a dead end where the player will be continuously damaged until destroyed (although the use of a GameShark will reveal that this dead end is not endless in itself, and surviving it will place the player in a dark void following a now defenseless Golemech, that can easily be destroyed to resume the game normally).

Names in Other Languages

Japan Bam Bam (バムバム, Bamu Bamu)
(巨大ゴーレム Huge Golem)


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