The Gold Bar is an item found in "Star Fox Adventures". There are four in total to be precise.


The Gold Bars are shaped like standard trianglular prisim Bullion bars.



Fox finds a Gold Bar.

The HighTop Tribe love gold and while on his expedition on Dinosaur Planet, Fox McCloud and Prince Tricky encountered one of the declining HighTop Tribe. They learn that the titan buried his gold in the sandy beaches of Cape Claw in order to hide it from the SharpClaw Tribe, but he forgot the locations of them. Fox scouted the area and with help from Tricky's Find Command, Fox and Tricky later managed to find them all, and in return the HighTop helped them enter the Gas Chamber beside the Ocean Force Point Temple, in order to release the captive Queen CloudRunner.


The four Gold Bars, returned to the HighTop.


  • Fox needing to help the HighTop find his Gold Bars resembles a similar mission in the game Banjo Kazooie, where the titular characters have to help Captain Blubber find his treasure (also depicted as gold bars). Both also were located in close proximity to them and had their owners unable to find it themselves for various reasons (the HighTop due to forgetting where he buried his gold, and Captain Blubber due to ironically fearing water), and both even occurred in a beach environment. Both Star Fox Adventures and Banjo Kazooie were made by Rare, so the similarities were most likely deliberate.
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