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Glowing Sac Aparoids are floating Ground/Air Force Aparoids that appear in various Missions in "Assault".


Glowing Sacs are Aparoids with an orange dandelion-like appearance, emitting a purple glow. These actually somewhat closely resemble Bomb Spores from Sauria, ironically where these enemies first appear. These Glowing Sacs spawn in certain positions on the All-Range Mode, usually in groups of three, where they seem to warp into view and home in on Fox to make a kamikaze attack. Their blast radius devastating to a Pilot, so it is not advisable to face them without any powerful weapons. Using the Landmaster to effortlessly gun them down before they explode is a good tactic, or using strong weapons in areas where the Landamster cannot reach.

In the game

Mission 7: Sauria

On Sauria, Glowing Sacs spawn in clusters near waterfalls, rivers and even inside the temples. Wiping them out with shots from the Landmaster is an effective way to save time if the Combo Meter is intended to be kept from running out.

Mission 9: Aparoid Homeworld

Glowing Sacs spawn inside the buildings around the Aparoid's City, often near to the Aparoid Hatchers. Since the Landmaster will not fit inside the Buildings, using strong weapons like the Gatling Gun or Homing Launcher at a safe enough distance is a good way to dispose of them and still earn Hit Points.


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