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That's Andross's giant mobile weapon, the Gigarilla!
General Pepper

The Gigarilla is a gargantuan robotic weapon created by Andross's Empire that appears in Star Fox Zero. It serves as an ally when it first appears and later serves as the boss of the stage Hidden Plans, which centeres around the second visit to Corneria. According to Slippy Toad, it automatically acts very dangerously when approached by non-allies.


The Gigarilla is a giant robot who resembles a gorilla. He is very tall, about half as tall as General Pepper's tower as seen during his boss battle in the stage Hidden Plans. When it is an ally to the Cornerian empire, the Gigarilla has blue eyes, but they change to red when it is under Androssian control.


Sometime during the events of the game, the Cornerian Army managed to capture the Gigarilla from Andross' forces and had it stationed on the Space Colony in Area 3. Not wanting to let such a powerful asset remain in the enemy's hands, Andross launched an attack on the colony with Pigma leading the charge. Their objective was to reclaim the Gigarilla and send it through the transporter to a base in Planet Zoness. Star Fox managed to drive off Pigma and, using the Colony's Gyrowing, managed to reprogram the Gigarilla to attack Andross' army.

Later in the game, Star Fox was ordered to return to Corneria by General Pepper, who had found another way to get to Planet Venom. The team arrived there just as Andross launched another attack on Corneria. They were too late to save General Pepper as his tower was sucked into the portal to Venom. Andross then unleashed the Gigarilla on Corneria, having recaptured it. After a difficult battle, Star Fox managed to shut down the Gigarilla.


The Gigarilla can be a difficult boss to fight. The Gigarilla attacks by swiping at Fox with its hands, firing missiles from its back, firing energy bullets from its hands in a sweeping motion, firing a laser from its chest, charging at Fox, attempting to stomp on him, and throwing one of Andross' weapon bunkers at Fox. Destroying the red spots on its chest and palms will not only damage it, but also disable its laser attack and energy bullets. To truly defeat the Mobile Weapon, Fox must sneak behind the Gigarilla and fire on the hatch on its rear. This is a daunting task as the Gigarilla constantly moves about. This is best done while in Walker mode, is a smaller target and can confuse the Gigarilla by running between its legs. After blowing the hatch open, Fox must get on the small platform and use the Walker to hack the Gigarilla's controls, shutting it down for good.


The name Gigarilla is a blend of Giga, tending to mean gigantic, and Gorilla, hence the resemblance and Gorillas are primates which Andross's Empire tends to be made up of.


  • The Gigarilla is the only boss that the player cannot actually destroy due to its heavily reinforced armor. Instead, the player simply needs to shut it down.


Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (ギガリラ Gigarilla)
(巨大機動兵器 Giant Mobile Weapon)