The characteristics of General Pepper, including physical appearance, traits and voice acting portrayals.

Physical appearance


General Pepper among the Star Fox team. He stands above the team except ROB.

While not officially confirmed, Pepper is clearly a hound dog, with golden brown fur. He stands taller than the other Star Fox team members except for ROB 64. As general, he wears a distinctive red, gold, black military attire and officer's peaked cap in contrast to the green/white and blue/white uniforms of the Cornerian Army soldiers. His uniform is also decorated with multiple rank badges and medals of valour, including a pin of the Cornerian Army logo.


Infected Pepper Assault

General Pepper's flagship under Aparoidedation.

As seen in Assault as a military leader, Pepper has a strong sense of honour and justice, preferring to die in battle at his own free will rather than submit to Aparoidedation. Being able to willfully resist mind control is attributed to a previous speech about "those without strong wills" made by Peppy earlier.

With his great command record and warm personality, Pepper is well liked and respected by his men. Over the years, he has built a close, trusting relationship with Fox and company. Pepper's sense of duty also prompts him to take Fox's career into his hands considering the guilt he feels for sending his old friend James McCloud to his doom. The general's apparent gentle nature, cute and cuddly demeanour may have been the reason that Andross's Empire slipped by his watch and invaded Corneria, hence the peaceful nature of most Cornerians and Pepper choosing to banish Andross as execution would not make Pepper any better than the evil mad scientist.


Pepper banishes Andross.

According to Krystal, it was General Pepper and Andross's conflict between them which led to the Lylat Wars. Krystal states that at that time, Andross was Corneria's chief science officer and was also a close colleague of General Pepper, but they were "like oil and water" and that their infighting was a precursor to war. However, Krystal had undergone a vicious, mean personality streak from the trauma of being thrown of the team so her words may have only been made to antagonize Fox.


Language Game Voice actor
Japanese Star Fox 64 Daisuke Gōri
Japanese Star Fox: Assault Michihiro Ikemizu
Japanese Star Fox 64 3D Tsuguo Mogami
English Star Fox (game) Dan Owsen
English Star Fox 64 / Star Fox 64 3D / Star Fox Zero David White
English Star Fox Adventures John Silke
English Star Fox: Assault Gray Eubank
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