Hold it...That silhouette... Is that the general's flagship?
Peppy Hare

This General's flagship was the personal aircraft of General Pepper.


Although when seen in the game it is covered by Aparoidedation, the flagship closely resembles the current model of Cornerian Fighter, except larger. After Pepper became general, this ship was mainly used for General Pepper and may have been built for him.


During the Aparoid Invasion, Pepper was attacked by the aparoids in Corneria City. Unable to control himself or his flagship, he then attacked Fox McCloud, who arrived on the planet to repel the aparoids' invasion. ROB noticed the flagship, but listed it as unidentified when reporting to Fox it's arrival. However, Peppy proceeded to recognize the ship from its silhouette. The flagship transformed itself, giving it legs and arms, and attacked Fox with rockets and beams. However, on the wing of Wolf O'Donnell's Wolfen, Fox reluctantly returned fire with a Plasma Cannon, and eventually shot it down under Pepper's final request, but with hopes of hurting just the machinery. However, Peppy suddenly flew out of nowhere in his Arwing, driving the cockpit underneath it, preventing its full destruction and saving General Pepper.

It is unknown whether the general's flagship recovered from the crash.


  • It is unknown if the ship was able to transform before Pepper fought Fox, or if it was a modification of the aparoids that infected it.
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