Hold it...That silhouette... Is that the general's flagship?

The General's flagship was the personal aircraft of General Pepper, not to be confused with the Cornerian Flagship. This particular flagship appears only in "Assault", where it was infected by Aparoidedation and serves as the boss of "Mission 7. Recapture The Cornerian Capital".


Although when seen in the game it is covered by Aparoidedation, the flagship closely resembles the current model of Cornerian Fighter, except larger. After Pepper became general, this ship was mainly used for General Pepper and may likely have been built just for him. When ROB noticed the flagship heading for Wolf's Wolfen, he listed it as unidentified vessel when reporting to Fox it's arrival, however Peppy recognised the ship from its silhouette. The exact capabilities of the flagship before its infection is unknown, or if it due was a modification of the Aparoids that infected it, the flagship did transform itself to have legs and arms, and attacked Fox with rockets and beams, as well as close combat punches.

In the game

Peppy identifies the previously unknown vessel.

During the Aparoid Invasion of the Lylat System, a colossal Air Force of invading Aparoids made an attack on Corneria City while the Star Fox team were occupied on their Mission to liberate Sauria. When last talking with the Star Fox team, General Pepper looked like his normal stately self before communications went dead when Aparoids seized his ship and began trying to take over his body. Unable to control himself or his flagship, General Pepper made one last request for Fox to take out his ship and himself before he could become an Aparoid all-together.


Still wing-riding on the wing of Wolf's Wolfen from the attack run around Corneria City, Fox is limited in how flexible he can move to intercept the the flagship ship attack patterns during the boss battle. General Pepper's infected ship will use two devastating attacks on the Wolfen: homing missiles and a ring of laser fire. Fortunately, Fox can prevent damage to Wolf's ship if he shoots quickly enough. The Aparoid infected flagship can also summon Y-Shaped Aparoids that can charge up and launch devastating lasers to spray over Wolf's Wolfen and serve as a distraction for the infected flagship to charge up its own attacks. The general's flagship has only one weakness, the green eye surrounded by the lavender crystalline protruding from the ship hull. Keeping the unlimited firepower of the Plasma Cannon focussed on this weakspot where the aiming reticle turns red will help whittle down the strength of the ship even when it makes evasive swoops and turns, and can disrupt the ship's attempt to charge up the beam attack and frontal punches.


As per Pepper's final request, but with hopes of hurting just the machinery, Fox reluctantly shot the flagship down and sent it to crash to the ground. However, Peppy suddenly flew out of nowhere into the city and deliberately colliding the nose of his Arwing underneath the flagship cockpit, preventing its full destruction and saving General Pepper's life.

It is unknown whether the flagship was recovered from the crash, but it is very unlikely since it was never used again, even when Pepper later elected Peppy to succeed him as General, who used an Arwing when he needing to participate in battle instead of piloting another flagship.