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The SharpClaw have imprisoned me in this infernal cave. If you can bring me Forst Weeds, I'll be strong enough to get myself out. Perhaps the young prince can help you. Hurry Boy!
—Garunda Te  

Garunda Te is the SpellStone GateKeeper of DarkIce Mines, and a father to Belina Te. He also seems to be the leader of sorts of the SnowHorn tribe. His appearance is that of any other SnowHorn, but he wears some additional body armor, along with some small decorations.


Fox first meets Garunda Te shortly after using the SharpClaw Prison Key in SnowHorn Wastes. He is imprisoned in a small pit by the SharpClaws, and is too weakened to get himself out. He tells Fox that he might be able to break out if Fox and Prince Tricky fed him three Frost Weeds, located in a nearby tree. Fox then feeds Garunda Te the Frost Weed, while battling some SharpClaws, after which he breaks free. He then tells Fox the story about how General Scales got the SpellStone into his possession:

Garunda Te's duty as a SpellStone GateKeeper of DarkIce Mines was to protect the land from which a SpellStone is forged. Some time before the events of Star Fox Adventures General Scales discovered that Garunda Te was one of the GateKeepers. Scales gave him an ultimatum; either he would allow Scales to take the SpellStone back to the sacred land (presumably DarkIce Mines, as that's where the SpellStone was located) or he would destroy the entire SnowHorn tribe. Garunda Te refused to surrender the SpellStone, as he could not risk the safety of the entire planet. Garunda Te's daughter, Belina Te, however, disagreed. She opened the Gateway for Scales in order to save the SnowHorn tribe. Scales kept his word about not committing genocide against the SnowHorns. However, he also double crossed her and enslaved her and most of the other SnowHorns to work in the DarkIce Mines instead.

After finishing the story, Garunda Te notes how his daughter dishonored him. He then tells Fox to retrieve the SpellStone from the DarkIce Mines where Scales has taken it, and return it to its rightful position in the Volcano Force Point Temple, because only then would the SpellStone's power be returned. And after this, he finally opens the Gateway to DarkIce Mines by releasing a thick rope of blue light from his trunk, which flies to the sky above SnowHorn Wastes and disappears, revealing the Gateway.


Garunda Te was voiced by John Silke.



  • With the exception of Belina and the Old SnowHorn, Garunda's dress sentence makes him the only SnowHorn to stand out from the rest of his tribe.
  • Garunda Te's fate after Sauria's restoration or during the Aparoid Invasion is unknown.
  • He can be heard yelling "hurry boy" in the distance.
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