The Maze from above.

The Game Well Maze is a large, underground labyrinth, located underneath the Warp Stone in Star Fox Adventures. The way into this Maze is by talking to the Warp Stone and pushing forward on the control stick.


The Maze contains four jars of Scarabs, three crates with PukPuk Eggs and Dumbledang Pods, some vicious, wall-clinging plants, four warps to the entrance and a well, in which the Cheat Tokens that Fox has collected can be cast in.


The Well is located in the north-western part of the Maze and its rewards range from pieces of text to more "beneficial" things, though none of them is actually useful gameplay-wise, nor are any of them required to complete the game. However, if the player wishes to get a 100% completion, getting the cheat tokens is needed.

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