The Gravity Diffusion system, or G-Diffusion, is an experimental power system fuelled by hydrogen that is used in starfighters to reduce gravity forces on the pilot and provides a respectable power source for shields and propulsion, also allowing extended operating ranges. However, due to the temperamental nature of the G-Diffuser, these systems need to be carefully checked and maintained; while easy to fix in flight, they can consume a pilots' full attention, something that kills pilots in a dogfight.


Both the Landmaster and the Blue-Marine use propulsion system components originally developed for the Arwing. All three can synthesize their own hydrogen fuel for their plasma engines, giving them extended operating ranges.
—Technical Specification Comments

The G-Diffuser is primarily found on both the Star Fox Team's Arwings and the Star Wolf Team's Wolfen. The Landmaster tanks and Blue-Marine are also equipped with the same tech, allowing them to perform the similar techniques.

Instruction Booklet

The primary fighting machine of the Star Fox team. With the G-diffuser anti-force generator, the Arwing is able to perform many different tasks.
—Star Fox 64; Instruction Booklet

Operations Manual

Developed by Arspace Dynamics Co., Ltd., the Arwing is the most powerful air and space superiority fighter in the galaxy. With its powerful laser cannon, Smart Bomb launcher and state-of-the-art G-diffuser system, the Arwing is capable of taking on multiple enemy targets simultaneously. Andross currently uses spacecraft that are inferior to the Arwing, but recent intelligence reports indicate that he is well on his way to developing a new fighter to rival it.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 10

Arwing's G-diffuser

The Arwing's revolutionary G-diffuser system generates a force field that protects the ship from enemy fire and from the stresses of high speed aerobatics.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 10


Developed by Arspace Dynamics Co., Ltd. under exclusive contract. Because of the complexity of its components, most notably the G-diffuser system, the Arwing is not yet slated for full production. Four prototypes have been made available to the Star Fox team for flight and combat testing.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pullout map

Rolling Thunder

The Landmaster tank shares many hull pieces with the Arwing, so it's not surprising that they look much alike. More important, however, are similarities that they share beneath their armoured skins. The Landmaster uses many of the same propulsion and weapon components as the Arwing (including the G-diffusser unit), adapted for use in a ground based vehicle. Though some space jockeys will always prefer flying over driving, they must admit that the Landmaster gives you the same firepower and flexibility that the Arwing gives you in the and in space.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 14

Landmaster's G-Diffuser

A lot of power is used to hold the hull together, so the G-diffuser won't generate an extra shield when you roll.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 14

Blue-Marine's G-Diffuser

Recent advancements in G-diffuser design have resulted in a more compact unit capable of generating much stronger force fields. Testing on it continues.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 15

Official Star Fox 64 site

The Arwing starfighter is the primary battle vehicle of the Star Fox Team, and is the almost the symbol of their team. Developed by Space Dynamics Co., Ltd., the Arwing is equipped with the revolutionary G-Diffuser system, an anti-gravity device which allows the pilot to accelerate or decelerate instantaneously and perform a wide variety of high performance combat maneuvers. By executing a barrel roll, the Arwing can also generate a electromagnetic shield which will deflect most optically based weapons, such as laser beams. The Arwings used by the Star Fox Team are much different from any production versions as they have been extensively modified with improved armor and advanced weapon systems, such as Hyper Laser Homing Bolts and Smart Bombs.
—Star Fox

Star Fox Assault's manual

The primary fighting vehicle of the Star Fox team. It has been refined and improved to have the strongest firepower in the Lylat system. It's equipped with a G-diffuser system that gives it high manoeuvrability.
—Star Fox: Assault; Instruction Booklet

Possible explanations in real science

The G-Diffuser system appears to be a system intended to reduce the effects of gravity/acceleration on the pilot of an Arwing. The effects of this system might be duplicated by future advances in Zero-point Energy (ZPE) technology. ZPE is the so-called "background energy" of space, created by tiny pairs of particles that spontaneously appear in space as a result of Heisenberg Uncertainty. These particle pairs are theorized to cause electromagnetic drag on accelerating objects, resulting in the phenomenon that we know as inertia. Harnessing the Zero-Point Energy could result in a nearly limitless power supply as well as certain theorized anti-gravity/inertia-less effects, coincidentally duplicating the action of the G-diffuser system.

Theory on G-diffusion

The G-Diffuser system could also manipulate a gravity field around the ship, causing it to 'fall' through space, the higher the gravity, the faster they fall, and without any of the variables that an atmosphere would provide, terminal velocity would be based on the strength of the gravity field directing the ship. This gravity field would also explain their maneuverability, why they can move from one area to another without much turning or leaning, because it is proven that there is no hang-time in which you float in the air, you go up, you come down, no middle point where you float.


  • The G-Diffuser appears in the F-Zero series and can also be found on all 40 F-Zero racers.
  • It also works as a power plant.
  • The Arwings in Star Fox have only two G-Diffusers. In Star Fox 64 and onwards, they have four.
  • In the Lylat Wars Comic, Pigma Dengar plants timebombs onto the Arwing's G-Diffusers, knowing they would be easy to sabotage. He felt the sabotage, combined with the harsh conditions above Solar, would guarantee his assassination.
  • In Star Fox Zero, the G-Diffuser's output could be adjusted. When set to max, the ship moves at much greater speeds than afforded by merely boosting and produce their own visible thrust similar to the main engine. Because of this however, the ship is unable to produce its more fanciful maneuvers except for the Barrel Roll.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (G-ディフューザーシステム, G-Diffuser System)