A Fuel Cell is a standard energy source used for the power supply of spacecraft and starfighters, such as the Arwing and Wolfen


Star Fox Adventures
Fuel Cell

A Fuel Cell from Adventures.

Fuel Cells are one of the Main Collectibles in "Star Fox Adventures". They are dark blue, sparkling head-size spheres in appearance. Their purpose is to power-up Fox's Arwing, so he can reach the four planet fragments located in space around planet Sauria. The P.D.A Scanner has a Fuel Cell compass function that can point its arrow and flash red towards the nearest Cells. They can also be bought in ThornTail Store for ten Scarabs each, which is extortionate as they can be collected for free


There are 75 of them scattered all over Sauria, where they were dropped by R.O.B. 64, who had a few problems getting them to the surface. Only 42 Fuel Cells are needed to finish the game however: 5 to reach the DarkIce Mines, 10 to make it to the CloudRunner Fortress, 12 to land into the Walled City and 15 to get to the Dragon Rock. Fox can carry a maximum of 255 Fuel Cells at a time.

Instruction booklet references

It's a long journey to the worlds orbiting Dinosaur Planet, so before embarking on a mission into space, the ship will need to be fully refuelled by rooting out the Fuel Cells that were dropped into the area by ROB.
—Star Fox Adventures; Instruction Booklet

Fuel Cell

(various, ThornTail Store)


The Arwing needs energy to get Fox from one floating section of Dinosaur Planet to the next. Luckily, ROB the Robot has dropped Fuel Cells onto the planet. Unluckily, ROB is a terrible shot and the cells are scattered all over the world. Look for the glowing spheres as you adventure or simply buy them from ThornTail Store. You need a certain number for each trip to the different areas orbiting Dinosaur Planet.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 10
Destination Fuel Cells Required
DarkIce Mines 5
CloudRunner Fortress 10
Walled City 12
Dragon Rock 15

Star Fox Command logo
Star Fox Command Fuel Cell

A Fuel Cell from Command.

In "Star Fox Command", the Fuel Cells adds 25 seconds to a character's timer. Their appearance has changed significantly from "Star Fox Adventures". They are green orbs with a smaller, purple sphere speeding around them. They can be found in missions, often hidden by fog of war, on the main map. They can also be retrieved from destroyed enemies. Performing a Barrel Roll generates a magnetic field that will attract any nearby Fuel Cells. If the ship runs out of time from a lack of fuel, it will shut down and lose a life.

Instruction booklet references

Grab one of these to increase your remaining time by twenty-five seconds.
—Star Fox Command; Instruction Booklet


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