StarFox 1993

As the main protagonist of the Star Fox series, Fox McCloud has appeared in all games and spin-off media.

Fox is the main character in the original "Star Fox". He sets out with his team to vanquish Andross, but to his displeasure, the Andross that was fought was only a decoy. He learns from General Pepper that his father was last seen heading into a Black Hole, which was created from experimentations made by Andross, giving him good reason to seek the evil ape emperor's defeat.

Instruction booklet description

Fox is the young leader of the Star Fox Team. Always at the forefront of the team's attack, he is an aggressive fighter who often must rely on his own skill to get his team out of trouble. Your skill will determine if his name goes down in space history as a champion of the people or a space rouge scoundrel.
—Star Fox 1993 Instruction Booklet

Employed Guerrilla Unit "Star Fox" Personal Data


  • SEX: MEN
  • AGE: 25
  • HEIGHT: 152cm
  • WEIGHT: 46kg

Fox has the role as main character again in "Star Fox 64". His friendly nature contrasts that of Falco's. He sets out with his team to avenge his father's death, after learning of it from Peppy. Before each mission, General Pepper and Fox review the planet the team is about to enter. Additionally in this game, Fox's rivalry with Wolf O'Donnell is revealed, as the two target each other and make remarks in dogfights.

Instruction booklet description

The young leader of the Star Fox team, Fox is always at the forefront of the team's attack. Because of his fantastic flying skills and quick decisiveness, he is an extremely respected leader.
—Star Fox 64 Instruction Booklet

Strategy Guide description

The young leader of the Star Fox team lost his father to the evil machinations of Andross and Pigma Dengar. He has vowed to destroy Andross with the help of his friends. Fox has proven his skill as a pilot in space and on the ground, but this will be his greatest test.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 7

Official Star Fox 64 Site description

Fox McCloud was a cadet at the Cornerian Defense Army Academy when he heard the news that his father, James McCloud, had met a violent end at the hands of the twisted genius, Andross. The senior McCloud had been betrayed by his own wingman, Pigma Dengar, and delivered into a deadly trap from which there was seemingly no escape. Only James's wingman, Peppy Hare, managed to limp home in his badly damaged starfighter. As the only survivor of the original Star Fox Team, Peppy insisted that the young Fox take on the leadership of the group and form a new team of pilots. Thrust into the leadership role that he wasn't prepared for, Fox recruited the hot-tempered Falco Lombardi and the mechanical genius Slippy Toad to make up the new Star Fox Team. For a price, this crack group will fight against any threat to the Cornerian star system. Although it may appear that the Star Fox Team is motivated only by financial gain, it will only accept missions that serve to uphold justice.
—Star Fox
Game Data
When you play Star Fox 64, you take the role of Fox McCloud, and with it all the responsibility for leading other team members into battle and keeping them safe from harm. Protecting your friends from enemy attack will make your mission easier because each teammate has a special ability that can help you out.
—Star Fox
Vital Stats
  • Age: 18
  • Height: 1.73 SM
  • Weight: 70.31 SK

Nintendo Power Trading Cards

Trading cards

The legendary leadership qualities of James McCloud can easily be seen in his young son, Fox. Like his father before him, Fox leads the Star Fox Team,whenever they are called into action. Fox often has to come to the rescue of his faithful wingmen, but he knows that he can count on them to do the same if ever the need arises. Although Fox and the Star Fox Team only travel the far reaches of space when an urgent need arises, he feels comfortable within the cramped confined of his trusty Arwing fighter.
—Official Nintendo Power Trading Card

Perforated Trading Cards

Son of ace star pilot, James McCloud. Leader of the Star Fox team, the renowned mercenary squadron founded by his famous father. Fox possesses not only his father's incredible piloting skills, but his profound sense of justice, as well. Fox has dedicated himself to defeating Andross and bringing the traitorous Pigma Dengar to justice.
—Star Fox 64 Perforated Trading Cards

Age: 18

Height: 1.73 SM

Weight: 70.31 SK

Rating: SP 1st Class

In "Adventures", Fox is shown to have a more laidback, goofy, and less solemn nature, in contrast to his efficient morale in Star Fox 64 and Super Smash Bros. Fox is the main playable character of the game, along with Krystal, with whom he composes a relationship. Fox must make utilization of Krystal's staff's abilities and the sidekick skills of Prince Tricky to venture through the game and fight the SharpClaw led by General Scales. Peppy, Slippy, and ROB provide avail, but aren't physically involved in the game. Fox is astounded to discover that the culprit behind the plight of Dinosaur Planet is in-fact Andross, and vows to stop him before he can destroy the Lylat system. At the final boss half-point, Falco reappears to help defeat Andross; and afterwards rejoins the team, to Fox's initial hesitation. Krystal also offers her thanks for saving her life and helping prevent the planetary destruction; Fox endeavors obnubilating his feelings for her when she thanks him, but ROB reveals his emotions, disconcerting him.

Instruction booklet description

Eight years after the defeat of Andross, Fox McCloud has matured as a leader and continues to be recognised as a great hero. He's still an active pilot, and his many skills with weapons and martial arts are often called into play.
—Star Fox Adventures Instruction Booklet

Fox appears again in "Assault", accommodating a role akin to the one he played in "Star Fox 64", with a more solemn posture than the one he had in "Adventures". Fox and his team's pristine mission was to take down Oikonny and his revolter forces, but an incipient threat arrives: the Aparoids. Fox's rivalry with Wolf also softens in this game, as the two become less of enemies and more of friends, but still vigorous rivals. Fox reveals his feelings for Krystal even more when revisiting Sauria after subjugating the Aparoids that had invaded there. This time, it is brought up by Tricky, who is now a grown prince.

Instruction booklet description

Head of the commandos-for-hire Star Fox team. He's responsible and extremely capable of accessing situations and giving orders, not to mention a fiery hero with a strong sense of responsibility and a record of success.
—Star Fox: Assault Instruction Booklet

Multiplayer stats

Fox is playable in the multiplayer mode of Assault as well as the story mode. He has balanced stats and the second best Arwing adeptness of all characters in the game behind Falco and the second best Landmaster Skill, behind Slippy. Fox's Pilot skill is tied with Peppy. His preferred weapon in Assault is the standard Blaster.

Fox is an all-purpose character who has no real weakness. He is preferably fighting in an Arwing or Landmaster, though. On foot, Fox is more vulnerable than most other characters. His speed and jumping is medium, so escaping dangerous situations is often a matter of luck. He is not as tall as Falco or Wolf, but can be hit quite easily from the side as his big bushy tail contributes to his hitbox. Fox also has no special ability to improve his pilot combat ability.

In "Command", Fox accommodates the role of main character again. He now flies his own spacecraft, the Arwing II, which is a customised version of the original Arwing. The Arwing II can be upgraded depending on which way paths the player opts to progress to through the game (but they will be erased in the replay mode).


Fox's communications channel icon.

Instruction booklet description

The hero of the game. He's the leader of the mercenary group Star Fox. His courage and sense of justice are well-known, though he can be too serious at times.
—Star Fox Command Instruction Booklet

Ending 1 - The Star Fox Team

During Ending 1 after the vanquishment of the Anglar forces, Fox spends most of his time convincing Krystal to stay with the team. He is prosperous after telling her that they will always be together, and the team goes to Aquas to meet Slippy's fiancée, Amanda. Slippy and Amanda get espoused on a beach, and Amanda joins the team to be more proximate to Slippy.

Ending 2 - Fox and Krystal

After the Anglar Emperor falls in Ending 2, Fox decides to retire and stay with Krystal. The two have a son denominated Marcus, who, in his teenage years, is enrolled in the Cornerian Flight Academy, where he learns how to fly the Arwing like his father and grandfather. Additionally like his forefathers, Marcus leads an incipient Star Fox team, with Falco as the adviser and Slippy's eldest son and Lucy's daughter as his wing-mates.

Ending 3 - Left Alone

The Anglar Army is subjugated at the Asteroid Belt, and Wolf sends a transmission to the Star Fox team verbally expressing how frustrated he is at having his work go unnoticed. Along with the message, Panther tells Krystal that he reluctantly accepts her rejoining Star Fox. After a few months, Krystal can no longer handle the pressure and leaves the team to go back to Panther and Star Wolf, leaving Fox alone and unloved.

Ending 9 - G-Zero

After Pigma is vanquished by the Star Fox team, Fox gets a transmission from Star Wolf verbalizing that they had beaten the Anglar forces and introduced Krystal as a proud member of the team. Fox visually perceives this and he becomes very depressed, marginally eating or slumbering. Falco execrates visually perceiving his friend in despair, and has a conception; leave the mercenary business to become G-Zero Racers. They remodel their Arwings and enter the G-Zero Grand Prix, and soon forget about their pasts as they become famous as G-Zero Racers.


Fox on the Great Fox's bridge.

Website bio description

Fox McCloud
Fox McCloud is the leader of the Star Fox squadron and his Arwing II is the sword point in the Anglar war. The Arwing II can be upgraded with twin lasers.
—Star Fox Command Website bio (Fox)

In the 3DS remake of "Star Fox 64", Fox remains virtually unchanged from the N64 game. In the 3DS version's ending, he allows General Pepper to complete his offer to make the Star Fox team officials in the Corneria military before politely declining.

Official Star Fox 64 3D description

Son of James McCloud and current Star Fox team leader, Fox is an ace pilot with masterful control of his Arwing and a sharpshooter of the highest order.
—Star Fox 64

Fox returns in "Zero" acting as the playable character exactly like previous games, especially Star Fox 64. He is determined to find and defeat Andross after bringing the team his father started out of retirement.

Fox McCloud

Leader of an elite fighter squadron established by his father, ex-Cornerian flying ace James McCloud. He's a top notch Arwing pilot and his sharpshooting skills are unmatched.
—Star Fox

Fox appears in "Star Fox 2" as one of six playable characters (the four males plus females Miyu and Fay). The game was originally scrapped in mid-1995 to make way for the then-upcoming Nintendo 64, and ROMs of the game in sundry stages of development were later leaked on the Internet. However, the final version of the game was pre-installed on the Super NES Classic Edition in 2017, unlocked on the game console's menu after the player plays the original Star Fox game at least past the first stage.

Fox McCloud description

A capable leader who commands the unquestioning loyalty of the Star Fox team.
—Official Web Manual

Super Smash Bros 4 merged logo, no subtitle

Fox McCloud has appeared in every Super Smash Bros. game to date as a default playable character. He wears his Star Fox 64 outfit in the series. Fox is an expeditious, light-weight character in each game, which contradicts his balanced stats in other games.

Fox SSB Intro

Fox's appearance in Super Smash Bros. is based on his design from Star Fox 64.

Fox is a playable default character in "Super Smash Bros." He is a lightweight, designating he can be facilely knocked-out at low percentages. His blaster can stun enemies in their tracks, his reflector can redirect other projectiles back at whomever is shooting at him, and his Fire Fox move launches him in the air a short distance. Fox has the second most expeditious running speed in the game, behind Captain Falcon.

Fox's home-stage is Sector Z, which is based on the events that takes place in "Star Fox 64", on-top of the Great Fox. In the Single-Player Mode, Fox is always faced as the third challenger match.

Instruction booklet description

Following in his father's footsteps, Fox McCloud is the young leader of the Star Fox Team. With his trusty blaster, he plunges head-first into battle.
—Instruction Booklet

Character profile

Following his dead father's footsteps as the young leader of the Star Fox Team, Fox McCloud's piloting of the super-high-performance combat ship ARWING for the Lylatian System is still fresh in our memories. His one weakness may be his difficulty earning the trust of his teammates.
—Fighter data

Fox appears again as a playable default character in "Super Smash Bros. Melee". Fox is a lightweight (lighter than he was in the antecedent game), and still the second most expeditious. Fox has the fastest falling speed of any character in the game, which compensates for his lost weight and can be acclimated to his advantage. However, Fox is at a disadvantage when it comes to eluding throwing combos or some forms of juggling. Melee integrates a dash attack, called the Fox Illusion. His Blaster is additionally expedited, and has rapid-fire capabilities, but enemies don't flinch at the impacts of its shots. His Fire Fox move additionally amends by going further than in the pristine Super Smash Bros. Additionally, at the commencement frames of the assailment, characters who come in contact are perpetually burned. Fox and Falco can perform a secret taunt on the Corneria and Venom stages by alternatively tapping left and right on the control pad. After that is done, Peppy and Slippy will fly over more often and verbalize things. If Fox utilizes the taunt, Falco appears alongside them. If Falco utilizes the taunt, Fox appears alongside them. If they're both on the stage, only Peppy and Slippy will verbalize.

Instruction booklet description

A wily fox that uses speed to keep enemies off balance.
—Instruction Booklet

Palette swaps


# Name Image First Game / Move Description
19 Fox McCloud
275px-Fox Trophy Melee
Star Fox / Starwing
Fox McCloud is the leader of a band of adventurers-for-hire known as Star Fox. Fox and his fellow pilots Peppy, Slippy, and Falco patrol the Lylat system in their mother ship, the Great Fox. From the cockpit of his Arwing, Fox leads the ceaseless pursuit of the evil scientist Andross, who doomed Fox's father.
20 Fox McCloud [Smash]
277px-Fox Trophy (Smash)
B: Blaster
Smash B: Fox Illusion
Fox is among the quickest and nimblest of the Smash Bros. characters. His speed is offset by low firepower, however, and he's better at one-on-one fights than melees with multiple foes. His Blaster is unique: it does damage but it doesn't make enemies flinch. His Fox illusion is best used as a surprise attack.
21 Fox McCloud [Smash]
291px-Fox Trophy (Smash 2)
Up & B: Fire Fox
Down & B: Reflector
Fox falls quickly, so he's a tough target to strike from below; however, this advantage can work against him when he goes flying sideways. You can use the Control Stick to set the direction of the Fire Fox technique while it's charging up. On a side note, Fox is also much lighter than he was in the N64 Super Smash Bros. game.

Fox makes an appearance in "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" as a playable character by default. His outfit in Brawl is similar to his Star Fox 64 and Command designs. Other additions include a holster for his gun, a scouter-like piece of equipment over his right eye and his Reflector is now visible on his belt. His headset's microphone additionally appears on the right side of his face instead of the left, which was the case for all of its previous appearances. His Final Smash is the Landmaster, which can hover, Barrel Roll and shoot potent blasts from the cannon. Fox, like Nintendo's other titular characters, has a major role in the Subspace Emissary.

He can perform a special taunt that opens a communications channel during a fight; however, he can only perform this taunt on one of his stages like Corneria and Lylat Cruise. If Fox gets hit before he can complete the taunt, it will fail, and the special taunt can only be attempted once per fight. Falco and Wolf can perform this taunt as well. Snake can do it in his stage (Shadow Moses island) additionally, except he verbalizes in the communications channel to learn about the brawler he knocked out.

Instruction booklet description

The famous Arwing pilot boasts first class speed and agility in combat.
—Instruction Booklet

Palette swaps

Special Moves

  • Standard B: Blaster: In Super Smash Bros. it is used to make approaching characters flinch, but in Melee and Brawl, it has no flinching power and is good for racking up damage on an approaching character.
  • Side B: Fox Illusion: Introduced in Melee, Fox will kneel and dash in the direction he is facing at an astounding speed. His illusions abaft him can cause damage.
  • Up B: Fire Fox: In Super Smash Bros., it had short range and was scarcely useless. In Super Smash Bros. Melee, it could burn his opponents while charging up and had longer range. The same applies in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. However utilizing Fire Fox on a Smash Ball will grant the ability to utilize the Final Smash immediately.
  • Down B: Reflector: Fox's reflector has the unique ability to redirect an opponent's projectile back at them. Other reflectors have come along, but none are as expeditious.
  • Final Smash - Landmaster: Fox will yell "Landmaster", jump in the air and come back down with a cyclopean tank. He will be able to shoot sizably voluminous blasts of energy and roll. He can additionally hover, so eluding this one is arduous.

Role in The Subspace Emissary

An Arwing is seen engaging the Battleship Halberd, but is soon struck by the grapple arm of the combo cannon and commences to fall toward its deck. This causes Kirby and Zelda/Peach to be blown overboard in its wake.

Subspace fox

Fox's introduction in the Subspace Emisarry.

It is later shown that the Arwing crash-landed at the edge of a jungle, near a lake. Diddy Kong discovers the Arwing, but legendary Pokémon Rayquaza elevates from the lake and territorially attacks the Arwing with a Dragon Pulse, setting it aflame. As Diddy Kong is snatched up by the incited Pokémon, Fox is ejected from the cockpit of the burning Arwing and proceeds to effortlessly rescue Diddy Kong from the clutches of the serpentine Pokémon utilizing his Fox Illusion. In its anger Rayquaza uses another Dragon Pulse at Fox. Fox then utilizes his reflector to reflect the Dragon Pulse back at Rayquaza. Then Fox and Diddy Kong battle Rayquaza. After the two vanquish the giant Pokémon, Fox endeavors to depart, but is dragged away by Diddy Kong deeper into the jungle. Soon, they fight Erroneous Bowser and vanquish him. Suddenly, the authentic Bowser fires his Dark Cannon at them, scarcely dodging the shot. Albeit Diddy Kong is alacritous to fight Bowser, Fox kens that they don't have a chance against his Dark Cannon, so he prehends Diddy Kong and jumps off a cliff.

After recuperating from the fall, they are ambuscaded by Bowser again, who prospers in turning Diddy Kong into a trophy. Bowser then endeavors to turn Fox into a trophy, but he manages to dodge the shot, so Bowser sends some Shadowbugs to engender Erroneous Diddy Kong, outnumbering Fox. Falco Lombardi suddenly appears out of nowhere in his Arwing and preserves Fox from Bowser by eradicating his Dark Cannon, coercing Bowser to elude. Erroneous Diddy Kong commences to absorb more Shadowbugs, becoming gargantuan as a result. Fox utilizes the opportunity to revive the authentic Diddy Kong, and the three fight Erroneous Diddy Kong. After Falco indisposingly joins the group (being dragged along by Diddy in the same manner as Fox was earlier, much to Fox's regalement), they find a ship carrying Donkey Kong's trophy to a floating island. The Great Fox suddenly appears, and as Falco and Diddy Kong endeavor to liberate Donkey Kong, Fox plans to take down the Halberd with the Great Fox.

The Great Fox duels with the Halberd, but it culminates up getting tethered to and carried away by it, gets crashed into a mountain, and flies away in smoke. Later on, as Peach and Sheik/Zelda are making their elusion after Solid Snake liberates them, Fox is optically discerned assailing the Halberd again in his Arwing. During the fire-fight, some of the Arwing's blasters hit perilously proximate to Peach. Sheik does a very high range teleport on top of the Arwing and ruptures the cockpit. Both Sheik and Fox fall out of the Arwing and on the Halberd deck. They commence running towards each other at high speeds and just before they break into a fight, Peach desultorily offers them a cup of tea. Albeit Fox is shocked by this, when Sheik accepts hers, he accepts his as well. Just as they do, a group of Shadow Bug Mr. Game & Watches fall from the Halberd's cockpit and form into Duon. The three are joined by Lucario and Solid Snake (who knocked them down there in the first place), as well as Falco who arrives on another Arwing, and vanquish the monster. Duon leaves abaft the authentic Mr. Game & Visually Examine's trophy as it vanishes. Fox prepares to blast the trophy, but Peach approaches it and revives Mr. Game & Visually Examine. Fox along with Falco joins the rest of the heroes in the assault on the Subspace Gunship and the assailment on Tabuu.


Name How to unlock Picture Description
Fox McCloud Clear Classic Mode as Fox
Fox - Brawl Trophy
The leader of the commando unit for hire known as Star Fox. He uses both the team's mother ship, the Great Fox, and his personal Arwing fighter to challenge the evil scientist Andross. He made his name as an ace pilot but has lately shown himself also to be an adventurer with a knack for hand-to-hand combat.

  • Star Fox / Starwing (SNES)
  • Star Fox Command (DS)
Landmaster (Fox) Clear All-Star Mode as Fox
Landmaster (Fox) - Brawl Trophy
Fox's Final Smash. Climb aboard the Landmaster tank, the ultrahigh- performance, antiair, rolling combat vehicle of Team Star Fox. Just like in the Star Fox series, the cannon can be used to blast foes, and the tank can roll over enemies. The jets beneath the main body can be used to hover. Between its firepower and mobility, this tank knows no equal.

  • Super Smash Bros Brawl (Wii)
Fox (Assault) Random
Fox (Assault) - Brawl Trophy

The leader of the one and only Star Fox team. Fox McCloud is an expert pilot of both the Arwing and Landmaster. In on-foot battles, Fox starts with a blaster and continues on with four other types of weapons as he fights through the Aparoids. Fox also demonstrates his skills in air combat using the plasma cannons on the Arwing.

  • Star Fox Assault (GCN)


Name Game Effect Characters Sticker
Fox Star Fox 64 Attack +18 Fox Falco Wolf
Brawl Sticker Fox (Star Fox 64)
Fox Star Fox Adventures Attack +15 Fox Falco Wolf
Brawl Sticker Fox (Star Fox Adventures)
Fox Star Fox Command Attack +18 Fox
Brawl Sticker Fox (Star Fox Command)
Fox Star Fox Attack +23 Any
Brawl Sticker Fox (Star Fox)
Fox Star Fox: Assault Attack +33 Fox Falco Wolf
Brawl Sticker Fox (Star Fox Assault)


Fox has a sticker taken from his artwork from every game in the Star Fox series at the time.

Snake's Codec

  • Snake: "Colonel! That fox is fast!"
  • Colonel: "You're fighting Fox, eh, Snake? His full name is Fox McCloud. He's the leader of the commando-for-hire unit Star Fox. They're mostly active in a galaxy known as the Lylat System. Fox and his comrades pilot all-terrain fighter crafts called Arwings. His skills in combat can turn the tide of any battle. ...You seem to have a thing with foxes, don't you, Snake?"
  • Snake: "Don't remind me. First FOXHOUND and now this guy... I'm sick of foxes."
  • Colonel: "You and foxes have a long history together. You ought to be proud."

Note: FOXHOUND was a special forces group that Snake and Colonel used to work in before it fell into the hands of Liquid Snake and became a terrorist group. Also, one of Snake's friends, Gray Fox, betrayed him. Either or both might explain Snake's disdain for foxes.

Fox appears in the "Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U" games as a default playable character. His character design is marginally homogeneous to his antecedent one with some alterations, such as the additament of authentic fur and apparel, in contrast to his incipient cartoony style. An ebony outline surrounds him on the 3DS version in order to make him stand out at distances. Fox's gameplay is essentially unchanged from previous installments. However, his blaster's barrel and it's holster now has his team's logo stitched on.

Wii U Trophies

Name How to unlock Picture Description Trophy box
Fox McCloudClassic Mode

Fox is the leader of the mercenary unit Star Fox, often enlisted to defeat the evil Andross. His piloting skills are top notch, but in Smash Bros. he brings speed and fast attacks to the battle. His Reflector move allows him to turn projectile attacks against his foes, increasing their power for a punishing blow.
NA release
Leader of the Star Fox team, Fox is a skilled pilot with a strong sense of justice. In this game, he's quick on his feet and can use his speed to toy with opponents, attacking relentlessly and giving them no room to breathe. Even if they try to attack him from afar with projectiles, his Reflector move just sends them flying right back!
PAL release
  • SNES: Star Fox (03/1993)
  • N64: Star Fox 64 (07/1997)
37. Star Fox
Fox (Alt.)All-Star

<p style="text-align: center;">

Fox is at home in the air, and many of his moves, like his up smash, Flip Kick, will send foes up there. It's great for KO'ing a damaged opponent. Another handy move is his up special Fire Fox. The flames that surround Fox deal damage to nearby foes, and you can launch yourself in any direction once charged.
NA release
The Flip Kick that Fox does for his upward smash can really send foes flying. It's well worth pulling out this attack in combos against airborne opponents. Try following it up with his red-hot Fire Fox special to hammer them repeatedly. The fact that you an fly in any direction with this move is a real bonus too!
PAL release

  • SNES: Star Fox (03/1993)
  • N64: Star Fox 64 (07/1997)
Landmaster (Fox) Final Smash

Originally designed for exploration, the Landmaster in Fox's Final Smash has been converted into an ultra-high-performance, anti-air, rolling combat vehicle. When Fox hops aboard, he can drive or roll into foes and blast them with cannon fire. It can even fire in midair. And best of all, Fox is safe from damage inside this metal beast!
NA release
Originally designed for exploration, the Landmaster in Fox's Final Smash has been converted into an ultra-high-performance, anti-air, rolling combat vehicle. When Fox gets on board, he can drive or roll into foes and blast them with cannon fire. It can even fire in mid-air. And best of all, Fox won't take any damage while inside!
PAL release

37. Star Fox
Fox McCloud (Assault)Series Related

When Andrew Oikonny and the remnants of his uncle Andross's army use guerilla tactics to stage a rebellion, the Cornerian forces find themselves under a lot of pressure. Fox and his unit arrive to save the day, only to encounter an even greater threat. Can Fox handle the incoming assault from this mysterious new foe?
Both regions

  • GameCube: Star Fox: Assault (02/2005)

3DS Trophies

Name How to unlock Picture Description
Fox McCloudClassic Mode
Fox is the leader of the mercenary unit Star Fox, often enlisted to defeat the evil Andross. His piloting skills are top notch, but in Smash Bros. he brings speed and fast attacks to the battle. His Reflector move allows him to turn projectile attacks against his foes, increasing their power for a punishing blow.
NA release
Leader of the Star Fox team, Fox is a skilled pilot with a strong sense of justice. In this game, he's quick on his feet and can use his speed to toy with opponents, attacking relentlessly and giving them no room to breathe. Even if they try to attack him from afar with projectiles, his Reflector move just sends them flying right back!
PAL release
Fox (Alt.)All-Star
Fox is at home in the air, and many of his moves, like his up smash, Flip Kick, will send foes up there. It's great for KO'ing a damaged opponent. Another handy move is his up special Fire Fox. The flames that surround Fox deal damage to nearby foes, and you can launch yourself in any direction once charged.
NA release
The Flip Kick that Fox does for his upward smash can really send foes flying. It's well worth pulling out this attack in combos against airborne opponents. Try following it up with his red-hot Fire Fox special to hammer them repeatedly. The fact that you an fly in any direction with this move is a real bonus too!
PAL release

Palutena's Guidance

  • Pit: Got any tips for fighting Fox?
  • Palutena: Fox McCloud is the leader of the mercenary flight team Star Fox. His trademark is incredible speed.
  • Pit: It's about time you showed up, Fox!
  • Viridi: That was a terrible General Pepper, Pit.
  • Palutena: You should be wary of his Blaster too.
  • Pit: Everybody, stay alert!
  • Palutena: Focus, Pit. You might think Fox's Blaster doesn't hurt all that much and ignore it, but you'll soon find out you've taken lots of damage.
  • Pit: Sorry—I'm back. OK, I'll just reflect his shots with my Guardian Orbitars!
  • Palutena: I figured you'd say that.
  • Pit: Huh? Is that...not what I should do?
  • Palutena: Like I said, he's quick on his feet, so there's no telling when he'll suddenly rush in and grab you. You've got to watch your back constantly when Fox is around.

As per Smash tradition, Fox returns as a playable character. His physical appearance follows his character design used in Star Fox Zero, and his Final Smash has changed from the time consuming Landmaster transformation to an instantaneous Arwing quartet volley firing at players. Owing to it having several characters from past games reappear, his Palutena's Guidance and Codec Conversations are also included in the game.

He also appears in the game's story mode, "World of Light", both as several puppet fighters serving Galeem and as a recruitable fighter. In the opening cinematic, Fox, presumably being one of the leaders, points his blaster and yells "Don't let a single one get away", referring to an army of Master Hands that the main antagonist Galeem summoned. Because of this, he is one of only four characters to actually speak during the story, the others being Pit from Kid Icarus, Zelda from The Legend of Zelda, and Marth from Fire Emblem.

Fighter Spirits

No. Image Name Origin Game
Fox Spirit SSBU
Fox McCloud (Artwork: Star Fox Zero)

Fox and other Star Fox elements have minimized cameos and references in other games and media.

In Stunt Race FX, there is a portrait of Fox which can be found in track-side billboards. Supplementally, in one of the tracks, an Arwing will infrequently fly overhead.

Mario Golf

Names of Star Fox characters, including Fox's, occasionally appear on the gaming score check.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

There are five masks which represent animal faces, and they are to remind of five Star Fox characters. Moreover, in the inventory, those masks are aligned in that order : Keaton mask, Bremen Mask, Bunny Hood, Don Gero's Mask and Mask of Scents, respectively Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad, and Pigma Dengar.

  • In F-Zero X and GX, a character named James McCloud is a playable racer, bearing the name of Fox's father, as well as a similar appearance complete with ear-like hair and sunglasses.

  • In WarioWare: Smooth Moves, he along with the rest of his team appear in the Star Fox microgame.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

  • A Fox McCloud costume is featured in the game, among other Nintendo themed costumes.

Bayonetta 2

  • A costume based on Fox McCloud is available for both Bayonetta and Jeanne in the game. It features Arwing shaped guns which allow the player to lock on to enemies much like in Star Fox 64.

Super Mario Maker

  • Costumes for Fox, Falco, Slippy, Peppy, and the Walker from Star Fox Zero can be unlocked by completing the 100 Mario Challenge. The Fox and Falco costumes can also be unlocked by scanning their respective amiibo.

Fox appears as an exclusive playable character for the Switch version of Starlink: Battle for Atlas, looking identical to how he did in Zero. Unlike traditional crossovers, the Star Fox team is fully integrated into the game's story, interacting with each and every character. While the team came looking for Wolf, they are sidetracked when Fox volunteers to help the distressed Shaid in an attempt to make contact with the Starlink crew. After reclaiming the lost Equinox, Fox eagerly agrees to help Mason and his friends find and rescue St. Grant from the Legion, hoping that it would also incidentally lead them to Wolf along the way.

A Fox figurine is bundled with the physical retail version of the game alongside his Arwing and a Mount made specifically for this version with his intro having callbacks to his series. His special ability, Rock n' Roll, allows him to call in his Star Fox teammates as AI-controlled allies to aid in attacking multiple enemies. He also has his own skill tree, many of which are references to quotes to his home series.

The Galaxy's Finest Pilots

Ace pilot and leader of the Star Fox Team, Fox McCloud is the legendary defender of the Lylat star system. Fox came to Atlas in pursuit of Wolf O'Donnell and his crew, and he has teamed up with the Starlink initiative in their fight against Grax and the Forgotten Legion. Exclusively on Nintendo Switch.
—Official Site

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

In the game Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Fox was going to appear as a customer at the Starbeans Cafe along with other titular Nintendo characters. These scenes were superseded in the final product.


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