Fortuna is the fifth planet of the Lylat system. It is a hot and humid rainforest planet teeming with plant life and a series of bases and hideouts presumably built by Androssians. It is called the Dinosaur Planet in the original "Star Fox", but is not to be confused with Sauria, which was also called "Dinosaur Planet" in "Star Fox Adventures".


Not much information is known about Fortuna, due to the fact that it has not made much of an appearance. It is a green, thriving planet with huge plants and vegetation of all kinds, as well as rivers and lakes on the surface, although it is unknown how much of this planet is covered by water and inhabited by giant insects. It can be assumed that something about the planet is hostile, as otherwise it would seem to be the Cornerian Army's first choice for colonization instead of Katina. It could also be assumed that the planet is a bit further out from the core Lylat system, as it has yet to appear on any maps other than the original Star Fox. This is further supported by the Star Fox Team apparently using a wormhole to arrive at Fortuna to aid the Cornerian Army. It could be speculated that the planet is not inhabited by Cornerians, as a base was built there by the Venomian Army.


Oikonny's Rebellion/Aparoid Invasion

A little more than nine years after the Lylat Wars, Andrew Oikonny had previously been kicked out of Star Wolf's gang of thugs and fled here, to his military base stationed there during the rebellion of Oikonny's army. It was known at the time of the battle on Fortuna, that the remaining airforces and loyal remnants of Andross had allied themselves with his nephew, for a price. The Cornerian Fleet engaged in a fierce space battle and managed to break up most of Oikonny's fleet, until the reserved Stealth Squadron forced the Cornerians to back down. Fortunately, General Pepper hired the Star Fox Team to backup the fleet and take down Oikonny himself. The Star Fox Team managed to avoid being destroyed by the space fleet firepower, heavy fortifications, and pursued Oikonny's fleeing flagship into a canyon. Here, Oikonny revealed his secret weapon, a transformation of his flagship that resembled Andross. He was quickly defeated while giving a speech about his new empire on Venom, until his ship was unexpectedly destroyed by a solitary Winged Aparoid. Fox destroyed the Aparoid and received the Core Memory before reinforcements came. It was here that the Aparoid Invasion truly begun.


The ending revealed that the only parts damaged by the Aparoid invasion were the northern forests, and that the Lylat System would send relief efforts from the base that they captured from the remnants of Andross. Oikonny's forces were also revealed to have been destroyed, and the Aparoids were expunged. The Destruction level on Fortuna was a C+.


  • Fichina was mistakenly called Fortuna in the English translation of "Star Fox 64". In "Star Fox: Assault", the planet's name is translated as Fichina, and it is correctly identified as a separate planet from Fortuna. This error was fixed onwards, starting from the 3DS remake.
  • Fortuna appears to have a moon in "Star Fox", but it is not visible from space.
  • Titania can be seen in the background during the conflict between the Cornerian army and Oikonny's fleet during "Star Fox: Assault", suggesting Fortuna might be placed somewhere between Titania and Sector X.
  • Fortuna shares names with the Roman goddess of fortune.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (フォーチュナ)
  • In the Japanese version, Fortuna is listed as the "Dinosaur Planet" (“恐竜惑星”, Kyōryūwakusei) in kanji. However, Sauria in Star Fox Adventures is called "Dinosaur Planet" (ダイナソープラネット) in katakana, separating the two.
    • Also in Japanese versions, the spelling of Fortuna (フォーチュナー) is very slightly different in Star Fox: Assault, although it is essentially the same name.


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