Force Field Generator Aparoids are obstacles that appear only in the 9th Mission in Star Fox: Assault.


The Generators are tall, spiny black pillars with green honeycomb cores that generate protective force fields around the Mission's Aparoid Hatchers. There are three generators to each hatcher through the city, and each hatcher requires all three of its generators destroyed in order for it to lose the invincibility. Using Sniper Rifle and Gatling Gun firepower is most efficient, but a Homing Launcher from a safe distance is also an effective way to take out generators.

Eliminate the base population

The floating base is chock-full of Aparoids, and no mater how many you obliterate, more will enter the area unless you destroy the Aparoid hatchers scattered throughout the base's main buildings. Each hatcher has a force field that you must deactivate by blasting all nearby force-feild generators. Once you've scoured the app er side of the base for all its hatchers, you'll need to hop in the Arwing to get at the base's underbelly, where many more hatchers are protected by flying aliens.
—Official Nintendo Power Star Fox Assault Player's Guide, pg 82.


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