Force Field is a general term for protective shielding in science fiction. This technology has appeared in throughout the Star Fox series. An Arwing, LandmasterBlue-Marine and Wolfen is able to generate a Force Field to repel most firepower when making a Barrel Roll.


Star Fox 64/3D

The Meteo Crusher featured an absorbing Force Field, able to redirect attacking firepower back at the enemy starfighter. The Combat Robot Shogun was armed with an anti laser shield, yet too much laser fire could remove the shield. The Bolse Satellite was equipped with a Force Field generated by six energy towers, protecting its core and nearby fighters.

Star Fox Adventures

The Four GateKeepers Force Fields protect the four SpellStone lands when they are suspended in Dinosaur Planet's orbit. The Gold Rings will power them down (Fox McCloud can only collect them from space in his Arwing) letting Fox make a safe landing. If he doesn't get the amount of gold rings in order to make a safe landing, he won't be able to reach that certain area. Every area has a more powerful Force Field that will be a lot more harder for other ships to get there. The maximum amount of gold rings you can get is ten. Get all ten and you get bonus points. General Scales kept Sentinel class Sentry Bots with similar protective shielding on Dragon Rock and Krazoa Palace.

Star Fox: Assault

The Barrier item shrouds its user in a protective shield, lasting 30 seconds. The aparoid homeworld generated its own Anti-Laser Shield, guarding the entrance towards the tunnels where the queen dwelled. Only by Peppy Hare ramming the Great Fox into the shield was the Force Field temporarily disabled.

Star Fox Command

The playable starfighters are able to generate constant magnetic Force Fields depending on how good their Boost and Brake Gauge works.


Other Info

  • The Reflector from the Super Smash Bros. series can also be classified as a Force Field.
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