The Flying Galleon is the ship of General Scales in Star Fox Adventures.


This living ship carries the very essence of the SharpClaw tribe. It is the first place visited in the game and Krystal has to battle it, in order to gain access aboard. Before the battle, Krystal is surprised by the Galleon, which shoots fireballs at her, making her drop her Staff in the process. Flying after the Galleon on a CloudRunner and using blue energy balls as her weapon, Krystal first has to weaken the two dinosaur head-shaped cannons of the ship, which constantly fire back at her. After the cannons have taken enough damage, the battle continues with the ship's rotor. Krystal has to shatter its four blades. The Galleon may suddenly slow down, forcing Krystal too close to the rotor and damaging her. When the rotor blades have been destroyed, the battle shifts back to the cannons, which have to be destroyed again. Their attack methods remain the same. Once they are out, the Galleon turns around and starts making attack runs at Krystal. At this point, the creepy dinosaur prow becomes the target. It attacks by spewing out gigantic, fiery rocks. After beating the prow, Krystal is allowed to land aboard the Galleon.

As she explores the ship, she finds the Gold Key, which she will need in the Krazoa Palace. She is shortly after that confronted by General Scales, who Krystal asks about the distress call. Scales tells her about Dinosaur Planet's distress and then throws her overboard, only to be saved by the CloudRunner. Krystal continues to Krazoa Palace to find the source of the distress signal.


  • Even though the Galleon can attack Krystal, she will flash red, but won't lose any energy. Therefore, she can't lose the battle against the ship.
  • When Krystal shoots, the fire from the CloudRunner is blue, rather than red (which is the color that appeared when shooting in the rest of the game).
  • It was never seen again after Krystal encountered General Scales, leaving its fate another complete mystery within the game's plot.
    • In the cancelled Dinosaur Planet, Krystal was originally supposed to pilot the Galleon to Warlock Mountain and disembark. Similarly, Scales would have been the one to go overboard instead of Krystal, after being electrocuted by a lightning strike when he grabbed a CloudRunner cage.
  • It is unnamed in the final game, but Dinosaur Planet materials call it the Galleon or Flying Galleon. This may be a reference to Gangplank Galleon from another Rare series, Donkey Kong Country.
  • The four rotor blades are also emblazoned as an insignia on the airship itself. This is because it represented the original symbol of the SharpClaw tribe in Dinosaur Planet - in Star Fox Adventures, this was changed to three arms as opposed to four, possibly because it resembled a swastika.
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