The Flying Galleon is the flying ship and main transport of General Scales and the SharpClaw tribe in "Star Fox Adventures". It was also due to appear in Dinosaur Planet, before the game was reworked into "Adventures". According to supplement material for "Dinosaur Planet", the Flying Galleon is General Scales' prized possession, since it allowed him to travel around the entire planet in a way no other tribe could.

In the game

Following the source of a distress signal, Krystal searched for a mountain hidden in a storm on the back of a CloudRunner, where they were attacked unexpectedly by the large and fully armed Galleon. Once the ship was disarmed, she was able to explore the ship, finding the Gold Key, which she would need during her time in the Krazoa Palace. She was shortly after that confronted by the tyrannical General Scales, who Krystal had heard about from her CloudRunenr ally and inquired about the distress call she came to find, only for Scales to tell her about the entire planet being in distress and then throw her overboard for a laugh, only to be saved by her CloudRunner friend. Krystal left Scales on the Galleon and continued to Krazoa Palace to find the source of the distress signal.

The Flying Galleon was never seen again after Krystal encountered General Scales, leaving its fate another complete mystery within the game's plot.


The Flying Galleon makes its first and only appearance in the begining of the game, during the opening story when it attacks Krystal and requiring her to fight back, even without her Staff to battle it, in order to gain access aboard.

After the opening prologue cutscene ends, the game will instantly begin with a dogfight against the flying SharpClaw ship. Controlling Krystal on the back of her CloudRunner friend will essentially serve as an introduction to the game, almost in the comparable style of other Star Fox games.

The goal of the fight is to steer the CloudRunner with the (C-Stick) out of range of the twin dragon head's cannon fire. Tapping (A) will make the CloudRunner fire blue energy blasts as an effective attack to disable the dragon heads, which will take three successful hits before they combust and stop. Once the dragon heads are expelling fire from their heads, the CloudRunner will move into position behind the ship propellor blades. While avoiding the blades by steering, aiming for the three blades and breaking them off with the blue energy ball attack will begin another round of dogfighting the reactivated dragon heads, this time to disable them permanently. With the flying ship disarmed at the rear, the Galleon will about turn to face the CloudRunner head on and the huge Dragon masthead will launch large fireballs, whilst leaving itself open for more blue energy attacks.

Note: Since there is no health check, no matter how many hits the CloudRunner takes, the boss battle will never end in failure.

Early Development

    • In "Dinosaur Planet", Krystal was originally supposed to pilot the Galleon to Warlock Mountain and disembark. Similarly, Scales would have been the one to go overboard instead of Krystal, after being electrocuted by a lightning strike when he grabbed a CloudRunner cage.
  • While the ship is unnamed in "Adventures", materials made for "Dinosaur Planet" call it the Galleon or Flying Galleon. This may be a reference to Gangplank Galleon from another Rare series, Donkey Kong Country.
  • The four rotor blades are also emblazoned as an insignia on the airship itself. This is because it represented the original symbol of the SharpClaw tribe in "Dinosaur Planet". But when the game was changed into "Adventures", this was changed to three arms as opposed to four, possibly because it resembled a swastika.