The First Aid Kits are recovery items in Star Fox: Assault.


Touching a First Aid Kit will instantly replenish a portion of the player's health. First Aid Kits come in three varieties: green, which restore a small portion of health, silver, which restore a medium portion, and rare, gold kits, which restore all health. Many of the First Aid Kits can be found in specific locations, although some enemies may also drop them. The can be picked up mainly by Pilots, but they can still be collected by players in vehicles.


1.Green kits are found in most areas, often by entrances. 10% health is recovered from picking one up.

2.Silver kits are found after a large fight, and 50% health is recovered.

3.There is only one Gold kit per level in most situations. 100% health is recovered so they should be picked up wisely.

Although meant for one's own use, First Aid Kits, as with any item, may be grabbed even at full health simply to prevent opponents from taking them in multiplayer mode. Alternatively, they may be grabbed just because they are there, or alternatively, as a way to check they are at full health. 

Official Site description

First Aid Kit: The Green, Silver and very rare Gold kits will restore Fox's health meter 10%, 50%, and 100%, respectively.
—First Aid Kit description on the official site

Instruction booklet references

These beneficial items restore the user's health. There are three types of first aid kits.
—Star Fox: Assault; Instruction Booklet