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Firebirds are weapons, manufactured in the weapons labs on Macbeth and used by the Venomian forces during the Lylat Wars. They, like other expendable automated weapons, were programmed to destroy Star Fox or be destroyed.


Firebirds are polygonal enemies that resemble the Gores native to the planet of Solar, but are not to be confused with them. They are bombers that fly around and drop explosives called egg bombs that, when detonated, release a column of fire. They were primarily seen near the Waterfall area. If you shoot down the Firebirds before they drop their bombs, you can pick up the Smart Bombs they leave behind.

Enemy Recon

If you follow Route 2, you'll encounter many of the Firebirds flapping about. They also drop egg bombs that burst into columns of scorching fire. Dodge the fire and blast the birds by locking on to them from a distance. You'll also encounter several Firebirds on Route 1 near the waterfall.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 27


Firebirds were only sighted at Corneria beyond the seas and waterfall area beyond Corneria City. Although, more were seen within the canyons on Venom.


Firebird model from Star Fox 64.

  • The Z-Gulls seen on Zoness look very similar to the Firebirds. A possible suggestion is that the programming model was reused.
    • In the strategy guide, however, they had a far different appearance.