You have collected your first Staff Upgrade, the FIRE BLASTER! With power from the Energy Crystals, it can be used for many tasks. Move C to activate the menu and highlight the upgrade, the press A to use it! If you need to use it quickly, assign it to Y for instant access.
—Magic Cave's description

The Fire Blaster or simply Fire Blast is the first Staff Upgrade Fox McCloud finds in Star Fox Adventures while on his expedition to Dinosaur Planet. After General Pepper forbid Fox to take his Blaster with him to avoid confrontation, this is an essential upgrade and the most widely used of all the Staff powers.


It enables firing small energy blasts from top of the Krystal's Staff at distant objects, like switches and enemies. It is also used to make Bomb Spore Plants explode, in order to reveal Bomb Spores. Like most Staff Upgrades, using the Fire Blaster also depletes Fox's Staff Energy Meter. The Meter can be refilled by collecting Staff Energy Gems, usually dropped by Magic Plants. Along with all other Staff Upgrades, it can also be assigned to the Y Button.

Fire Blast

The multipurpose Fire Blaster, the first upgrade, allows you to shoot a fireball from the Staff. Obviously, it works for ground combat, but it's also useful for activating Fire Blaster switches, blowing up Bomb Spore Planets, lighting torches, and knocking flying baddies from the sky.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 5

In the game

Fox finds the Fire Blaster shortly after obtaining the Krystal's Staff in ThornTail Hollow. It is located in a small cave, which has its entrance behind the Ancient Well. Fox first has to defeat four SharpClaws nearby to make the large rock move aside revealing the main entrance. It was this trusty powerup that saw the defeats of Galdon, Drakor and helped open Fuel Barrel cells in the prison of the King RedEye.

The Fire Blaster is also the weapon used against the central defending systems on Dragon Rock, when riding the HighTop and CloudRunner. For the sake of gameplay, the Staff energy ammunition is unlimited when shooting down the attacking Bolse Fighters.

When Andross was resurrected, Krystal took her staff back from Fox and used this attack on him, to no effect.



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