This is a FireFly. It will be stored inside the FireFly Lantern. Let one out when you need to see in the dark.
—In-game description

FireFlies are one of the Main Collectibles in "Star Fox Adventures".



A FireFly on display in the Store.

They can be used to light dark places where Fox McCloud can't normally see a thing. A FireFly Lantern is required to collect, store and use them. They look like green shining light orbs, which float up and down while following Fox after he uses one. They can often be found in caves, but can also be bought in ThornTail Store. Fox can carry a maximum of 31 at a time.


  • Fox can actually buy FireFlies even if he doesn't have the FireFly Lantern. But since has nothing to store them in, this is an effective method of wasting Scarabs.
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