Fox McCloud

The Find Command is a Sidekick Command in Star Fox Adventures. The Find Command can be used to make Tricky dig in round dirt patches and open tunnels all around Sauria. Different items can be found by digging, like Bafomdads, Alpine Roots, and switches. This also causes Tricky to chase any nearby GrubTub Fungi. It can be used to make Tricky help feed a fallen Frost Weed to Garunda Te.


This command becomes available once Fox McCloud feeds Tricky his first Blue GrubTub Fungi on Ice Mountain. Like the Flame Command, Find also depletes the Tricky Energy meter, by the speed of one fifth of the meter (or one Blue GrubTub Fungus) per Find. If the meter is empty, Tricky won't follow Fox's Find and Flame Commands until he is fed more GrubTubs. Like all other commands, Find can also be assigned to the Y Button.

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