Fichina's role in the games.

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Mission No 3. Fichina: Former Defense Post; Enter Star Wolf

Fortuna's Intro (Fichina).

Vehicle: Arwing

Type: All-Range Mode

In Star Fox 64, Fichina is reached only from the Meteo Asteroid Field. The outcome of the mission will determinate the next route. If the Star Wolf team are all shot down before time runs out and the bomb is diffused, the choice of route will range from Solar to Sector X, but if Star Wolf win the dogfight, the choice of routes will be cancelled and the path will go straight to Sector X only. If the filght path to Venom includes Sector Z to Bolse, Star Wolf will reappear and Fox will groan at facing them a second time.

Mayday: Random


Boss: Star Wolf team's Wolfens

Depending on whether Peppy is present during the mission or undergoing repairs, Pigma's introduction line once Star Wolf arrives will vary. If Peppy is present, Pigma will greet him and say "Long time no see!" in a taunting manner. If Peppy is absent, Pigma will instead chuckle to himself and comment that he will be getting a whole lot of cash if they managed to defeat Star Fox.

Because of it being a timed mission, if the player fails to shoot down all of Star Wolf in the allotted time, the survivors will leave and proceed to give a taunt, with there being four different taunts depending on which Star Wolf member isn't shot down:

  • If Wolf isn't shot down, Wolf will say "Looks like we win today, Star Fox."
  • If Leon isn't shot down, Leon will say "Close, but no cigar... ha ha ha."
  • If Pigma isn't shot down, Pigma will say "I've got two words for you, LO-SER!"
  • If Andrew isn't shot down, Andrew will say "Score one for Andross!"

Official Site Data

Mission Briefing

The Cornerian base on Fichina has been overrun by Andross's forces. The Star Fox Team must liberate it from their clutches before Andross has a chance to use the top secret information stored there for his own evil ends! Go to Fichina and scout out the base, but be on the lookout for enemy fighters. Your old rivals, the Star Wolf team of space pirates, is also rumored to be in the area, so watch your six!

Intelligence -  Defeat the Star Wolf team before the sabotage bomb in the base explodes, and you'll take the path to Solar.

—Star Fox

Medal Tips

Medal Score: 50 hits

Lock on and vaporize enemies as much as possible in this mission. You'll want to take care that the Star Wolf team doesn't shoot down any of your wingmen if you're going for a medal. Each of the Star Wolf team members is worth 10 hit points when you shoot them down, so you don't need to worry too much about shooting down a lot of drones.
—Star Fox

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Mission 4. Fichina; Into the Storm

Fox wing riding with Falco.

Mission 4. Recapture The Climate Control Center

Pigma has fled to Fichina where he's takencontrol of and shut down the planet's climate control center. Find a way into the centre and get the climate-control device running again. Be warned: aparoids have been detected within the area around the climate control center. Proceed with caution.
—Mission objective

Vehicle: Pilot, Landmaster, Wing-riding, Arwing

Type: All-Range Mode

Medal requirements

Bronze Silver Gold
Mission 4. Fichina 600 2000 3900

Because of the weather on Fichina with the climate control centre being out of order, vision is impaired by the blizzards. Using the Landmaster, Fox will need to search for the three energy towers on the radar and take out the power supply to turn of the climate control center's shield. Fox will need to leave the Landmaster outside because it cannot fit, enter the centre and then the centre will disable the blizzards.

Because of an I.D fault, the Sentry Bots start to attack Fox on sight, using their wings to swipe. The bots are immune to all forms of attacks, except for the underside which is exposed when they open their wings, allowing Fox to fight back. After downing the certain number of bots, more will keep coming until the wing-riding cutscene is triggered by Falco's arrival.

While wing-riding with Falco, Fox must use the Plasma Cannon to take down Aparoids on the ground and in the air, protecting Falco's Arwing against powerful turrets that can lock on and cause serious damage. Once the entire field is circled, the next cutscene is triggered and allowing for Arwing flight.


  • Slippy will be chased by Aparoids before passing under an icy bridge. 
  • Falco's Arwing will need protection when the Warning appears on screen and if he makes the call himself.

Boss: Aparoidedation Generator

Beacause of Pigma's influence, the climate control center's generator starts overloading and will self destruct in 5 minutes. Using the Arwing, Fox will need to fly near the generator and shoot down some of the enemies to make the generator open it's hatch and leave it open to attack, but when it does, it will charge up and release an energy beam. The battle will end of the bossometer is not emptied before time runs out.

Official Site Data

Location data

Battle condition

Fichina's Climate-Control System has been mysteriously damaged by its defense androids and returned the planet to its original arctic conditions.

Updated reports from Great Fox indicate McCloud and his team have infiltrated the planet. Assumption: Investigate the android attack.

Tactical data

Wing Gunner

Perched upon the wing of a strike fighter, your plasma cannon has unlimited ammo to blow through aparoid squadrons and surface-to-air artillery. But keep your eyes glued to your radar -- the Aparoids attack in large numbers from multiple vectors.

Personnel file

Name: Falco Lombardi

Team Star Fox: Ace Pilot

Skills: Strategy and tactics, pilot Falco's Arwing dog-fighting ability is second to none.

VS Mode

In Star Fox: Assault, Fichina appears as a stage in VS Mode, where when on foot, the players will slip and slide around and must stop followed by pulling in the direction opposite to come to an entire stop, owing to the ice preventing normal traction as in other maps. The blizzard is also gone in the multiplayer maps.

Star Fox Command.png

Fichina in Star Fox Command.

In Star Fox Command, Fichina is under attack from the Anglar Empire. It has three different missions, varying from Fox and Slippy assisting Lucy in defending the planet against Oikonny, and the alliance between former rivals, Fox and Wolf.

Fog of War

After arriving on Fichina, they locate Lucy in one of the nearby cities. Fox mentions that Lucy was teaching astrophysics on Fichina, although she had always wanted to be a pilot. Slippy mentions that because Lucy was good friends with Krystal, she might know how to track her down, but Fox cuts him off.

After liberating Fichina from the Anglar forces, Star Wolf, who at this point are worried about the bounty that has been placed on them, emerge and attack Fox and Slippy but subsequently lose. Fox tells them he is too busy to deal with them now.

Back on board the Great Fox, Lucy shows up and informs Fox and Slippy that the Anglar attacks on Fichina are lead by Andrew Oikonny. Slippy points out the difficulty in fighting opponents without more information. Fox has to decide between attacking Oikonny (Oikonny Strikes Back, Fichina) or going to see Slippy's father, Beltino Toad, at the Asteroid Belt (Missile Threat).

Oikonny Strikes Back!

Fox and Slippy receive a message from Oikonny, saying how he waited for his revenge and that he was hired personally by the Anglar Emperor. As Fox and Slippy prepare to attack, Lucy decides to join them, and Fox eventually allows her to help. After the reclamation of Fichina, Oikonny emerges, piloting the Anglar Death Crab. He is, however, defeated by Star Fox.

After Oikonny's defeat, Lucy decides to ask Fox about Krystal, somewhat catching him off guard. She tells him that she has been lonely and upset ever since they split up, and asks if he will try and find her. Fox says he had to make her leave because he couldn't handle seeing her in danger, but Lucy makes him say how he really feels. Lucy tells Fox that she has to go to Corneria to meet up with Peppy, and Slippy asks if Fox can stop by Aquas to see Slippy's fiancée, Amanda (much to Fox's surprise). However, the sunken Aquas city comes under attack, and they send a message to Falco to meet up with them on Aquas. The story will either follow Star Fox on Aquas (Beneath the Waves) or Lucy's return to Corneria (Father and Daughter).

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Star Fox 64 3D site

  • To get to Sector X, do not defeat Star Wolf and let the bomb explode.
  • To get to Solar, defeat Star Wolf before the bomb explodes.
Score needed for medal


Score Attack

Level Bronze Silver Gold
Fichina 40 50 90


Mission 8. Fichina - Frozen Planet; Frostbitten Fray

The snowy plains of Fichina in Star Fox Zero

Vehicle: Arwing, Walker, Landmaster

Type: All-Range Mode

Boss: Mother Strider

In Star Fox Zero, Fichina is the eighth stage in the main game should the player go on the Titania path.

The planet is being invaded by Andross's army, and there are reports of a giant bioweapon. Star Fox takes the offensive, shooting down enemies one by one. Once 30 hits are made, or the time to do so runs out, Leon from Star Wolf appears. If the player can defeat Leon, a medal will be earned.

Suddenly, enemy striders will rise from the snow, prompting Fox to deploy the Landmaster, or Gravmaster as it can now fly. As the walkers are being destroyed, the mothership, Mother Strider, rises over of the horizon and into the battlefield. Fox must shoot three of the boss's legs to bring it down, exposing some of the weak points; once they are all gone, the core will appear. The mission will be over one the core is destroyed.

S - Mission 8. Hunter - Quadrupedal Assault Vehicle; Lone Wolf

In this sub-mission, it's Fox versus Wolf in this one on one battle. Wolf's Wolfen has all the same features as the Arwing, including a Walker form. Defeat Wolf to complete the stage, and if you beat him in a certain amount of time, you get a medal.

Fichina in the background.

Fichina can been seen on the below screenshot of the fourth Super Smash Bros. title. The design of the Great Fox, Arwings and appearances of Fichina and Solar relate to the stage being based on Star Fox: Assault.