General Pepper's Flight Log, pg 40
Our base on Fichina has been overrun by Andross's forces! We need to liberate it from their clutches before he has a chance to use the top secret information stored there for his own evil ends! Go to Fichina and scout the base, but be on the lookout for enemy fighters. Your old rivals, the Star Wolf team of space pirates, are also rumoured to be in the area, so watch your six! I know what Pigma Dengar did to your father, Fox, but don't let your emotions get the best of you!
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Fichina is an icy world of the Lylat System and considered a tertiary homeworld of the Cornerians, as scientists initially planned to terraform the planet into an inhabitable world for them. To aid this plan, at least one Cornerian Army outpost was built for containing top secret information, and a special scientific center built to control the planetary climate, eventually leading to one city being built. Regardless of the Cornerian plan for colonising Fichina, the planet was the site of a number of battles during the Lylat Wars and later conflicts.


Planetary Compendium
Fichina, an icy world devoid of vegetation, is home to only a few members of the Cornerian Defense Force and a team of scientists. Because of the large amount of frozen water on the planet, it is an ideal candidate for terra forming, and there is some thought that it might be possible to convert it into a garden world, much like Corneria.
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The cold, snow-swept world of Fichina is completely devoid of vegetation except for a small number of trees. Despite this, Cornerian scientists believe the planet is an ideal candidate for terraforming because of the world's large amounts of frozen water. There are hopes that it could become a garden world much like Corneria, although this would take much time, and as of "Star Fox Assault" only a weather generator had been built. As of the Lylat Wars, there was only a small number of soldiers and a team of scientists working at Fichina. The base complex stores top secret documents for the Cornerian Army, and was heavily shielded and ringed by a network of radar antennas. The antennas are part of an early warning system and serve a secondary role of managing local space traffic control.


Lylat Wars

Perhaps because of its relatively small garrison, a Fichina base was quickly captured at the onset of Andross' invasion during the Lylat Wars. The planet got covered up in snow and the Star Fox Team was sent to recapture the base and prevent its classified information from falling into Andross' hands. The Venomian garrison, piloting Invader I Fighters, were easily outclassed by the Star Fox team and their Arwing star fighters. However, Slippy noticed that the Invader I fighters were escaping quickly and wondered why they were doing so. ROB then revealed that the Venomians had earlier set up a bomb inside of the base, most likely with the intent of demolishing it but evacuating from it first.

Only the arrival of the Star Wolf team in their Wolfen fighters gave the Venomians time to activate the explosives planted at the base. Despite a fierce air battle, the Star Fox team was victorious and succeeded in stopping the device in time to save the base from destruction.

Post-Lylat Wars

During the eight years of peace, the Lylat System had managed to create a climate control center to allow the planet to become habitable.

Aparoid Invasion

The Star Fox Team, pursuing Pigma Dengar in an attempt to take back a stolen core memory, traveled to Fichina, on a hint from Panther Caroso. When they arrived, they found that Pigma had turned off the climate controlling device, forcing Star Fox to fight in the midst of a blizzard. In addition, Pigma ended up activating the shield generators to prevent the Star Fox team from entering, forcing Fox to destroy the generators to disable the shield. The surface of Fichina was swarming with Aparoids, but despite their attempts to stop him, Fox McCloud single-handedly managed to disable the shield protecting the climate center and reactivate it. Unfortunately, shortly after Fox reactivated the device, an alarm sounded, locking him inside the base, where he was forced to contend with Sentrybot3000 units, which were apparently malfunctioning, requiring Falco to come to the rescue. With the help of Falco, he then destroyed most of the Aparoids. Slippy, noticing that the Sentry Bots were acting suspicious, decided to investigate their destroyed remains and discovered the cause of their malfunction: They were infected by Aparoids. He reported this discovery to Fox. Pigma then confirmed it, and also admitted that he was the one pulling all the strings in regards to the Aparoid occupation on the planet as he appeared behind Falco's Arwing. Pigma then demonstrated it by using the core memory to infect the Climate Control Center's core tower and transforming it into an Aparoid. Falco attempted to attack Pigma for that action, but ROB and Peppy warn them that, thanks to the core being infected by the Aparoids, the Climate Control Center is going to undergo a meltdown, thus forcing Fox and Falco to let Pigma get away. Fox then fought off the giant mechanical Aparoid and destroyed it without damaging the generator itself. Pigma escaped during the chaos.The ending revealed that, due to the invasion and Pigma's machinations, the Climate Control Center was severely damaged, and needed repairs and improvements to all systems. Also, the warning system and the ancillary equipment was in dire need of re-evaluation (presumably due to what happened to Fox when he tried to reactivate the climate control center). The Destruction Level of Fichina was a C, and the Aparoids were expunged.

Anglar Blitz

Following the years after the Aparoid extinction, Lucy Hare, the daughter of General Peppy, has now become a teacher of Astrophysics in Fichina City. Anglar forces led by Andrew Oikonny in his Death Crab invaded Fichina, causing Lucy to send out an S.O.S signal which Fox and Slippy picks up and arrives to take the fight to Oikonny. Along the way, Fox runs into the Star Wolf Team yet again and enters another dogfight when Wolf believes he came to collect the bounties on their heads.


  • Fichina was mistakenly called Fortuna in the English translation of "Star Fox 64". However, in "Star Fox: Assault", as well as in "Star Fox 64 3D", the planet's name is translated as Fichina, and the world is correctly identified as a separate planet from Fortuna.

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