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Our missile problems just got lighter!

Fay is a girlish dog who, along with Miyu, was drafted from the Cornerian Army to join the Star Fox team exclusively in Star Fox 2. Her appearance suggests that she may be a Poodle or Cocker Spaniel. She is the daughter of an aristocratic family and is fighting to save her planet.[1]


  • After the original cancellation of Star Fox 2, many elements were carried over to later games. It is possible that Bill Grey, an off-white dog ally of Star Fox, served as a replacement of Fay.
  • In an earlier prototype of Star Fox 2 (or "Star Fox II") seen in magazine screenshots, a white goat appeared as the sixth playable character, but was replaced by Fay later in development.[2]
  • A character appears in Nintendo Power's Star Fox comic (Act 9, Here Comes the Son, and Act 11, Hello, Goodbye) that looks just like Fay, except with beige fur. It is unknown if this is intentional or just a coincidence.
  • According to her artwork, she is the second-tallest member of the six-team Star Fox, after Falco.
  • Lead programmer Dylan Cuthbert named Fay after a preteen crush on his next-door neighbor.


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