StarFox 1993

All Star Fox series games feature Falco Lombardi as a supporting or playable character, as well as making appearances in other spin-off media.

Falco's debut is marked in the first game of the series, "Star Fox". Falco seems to help with shooting down enemies more than Slippy or Peppy, and usually makes snide remarks about his surroundings.

Instruction booklet description

As a member of an avian race, Falco Lombardi is at home in the skies or in space, where his piloting skill exceeds even that of Fox McCloud. While his short temper may even lead to arguments with Fox, the two remain fast friends and loyal allies when it comes to combat.
—Star Fox 1993 Instruction Booklet

Employed Guerrilla Unit "Star Fox" Personal Data


  • SEX: MEN
  • AGE: 28
  • HEIGHT: 175cm
  • WEIGHT: 51kg

(Like other names on the CD leaflet, it misspells the name Lombardi as Lambardi)

Falco appears again in "Star Fox 64". His role is similar to the one he played in "Star Fox", except he talks more frequently. It is revealed here that Falco has a rivalry with Leon Powalski and sour feelings for Katt Monroe, as he seems to act rudely to both. Falco's base color in this game is blue, and he proves to be the ace pilot by helping to shoot down enemies and even some bosses. Falco's most important role is on Corneria where saving him from three Granga Fighters and flying through all seven stone arches will allow the flight path to reach Sector Y. Falco's activity status during the mission on Corneria is vital for reaching Sector Y, as the three Granga Fighters that chase him after the checkpoint will continue to chase him until he is forced to retreat, and the Attack Carrier will be missed.

Strategy Guide descriptions

Falco specialises in flying rings around his foes, but he takes more chances than most pilots and, sometimes, he pays dearly for his brashness. Falco never quits, but he complains constantly. He has a lot to gripe about now.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 7.

Friend in deed

Falco's hunting instincts will serve you well in the coming battles. He may be hot-headed and brash, but you can trust his advice. Follow his combat and navigational suggestions.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 7.

Instruction book description

A member of the avian race, Falco is a natural pilot. His quick temper and overconfidence make him the wildest member of the team. While he often gets into arguments with the other team members, he is loyal to the Cornerian cause.
—Star Fox 64; Instruction Booklet

Official Star Fox 64 Site descriptions

The Star Fox Team's avian member, Falco, is at home in the air or in space, and pilots his Arwing fighter like a true virtuoso. Falco may sometimes act hostile, but he's a good friend of Fox and most of his insults are meant to be good-natured ribbing. A lot of Falco's rebellious tendencies come from his time as a member of a group of "space hot-rodders." If he could curb his reckless tendencies and quick temper, he could mature into a better pilot than Fox.
—Star Fox
Game Data
Falco is an aggressive fighter who will help you knock out enemies if he is flying as your wingman. He's also always looking for shortcuts and alternate routes to get to the action quicker, so if he tells you to follow him, go for it!
—Star Fox
Vital Stats
  • Age: 19
  • Height: 1.88 SM
  • Weight: 74.84 SK

Nintendo Power Trading Cards

Trading Cards

Falco is as loyal as they come and will often take a forward attack position. Some may think that his wild flying style and apparent overconfidence would make him a liability to the Star Fox Team. This is far from being the case. He has nerves of steel and extremely keen eyesight (he is a member of the avian race, after all). Falco will often make sarcastic comments when Fox bails him out of a jam, but Fox knows that it's just Falco's special way of saying "Thanks for the help, buddy."
—Official Nintendo Power Trading Card

Perforated Trading Cards

Former head of a gang of space "hot rodders," Falco's piloting skills are second only to Fox's. He's often described as hot-headed and arrogant, but he is cool under fire and fiercely loyal to his teammates. If he could only curb his recklessness and his quick temper, he just might mature into an even better pilot than Fox.
—Perforated Trading Cards

Age: 19

Height: 1.88 SM

Weight: 74.84 SK

Rating: SP 1st Class


In "Star Fox 64", Falco's voice was provided by Bill Johns. With 123 quotes, Falco is the second most talkative character in "Star Fox 64" behind Peppy. The 3DS release added seven new ones.

Falco has a minor role in "Adventures", only appearing near the end. The instruction booklet for the game stated that he had left the team to start his own (while the Star Fox: Farewell, Beloved Falco manga reveals he withdrew after a falling out between him and Fox). While Fox was fighting Andross at the end, Falco arrives after firing a Smart Bomb into Andross from behind which stops the ape from swallowing Fox and allows the battle to continue after remarking that he still needs Falco's help. Falco flies by during the 2nd meteorite shower attack to provide Fox with special boxes that contain important Smart bombs and Supply rings to help him win. At the end, Falco humbly asks to rejoin the team, and wouldn't consider leaving again until the events of "Command". In this game, Falco is introduced to Krystal, Fox's love interest, nudging him to get friendly and invite her into the team.

Instruction book description

Falco left the team several years ago and hasn't been seen since, though one thing's for certain: whatever the circumstances, Falco and Fox will always maintain a strong friendship.
—Star Fox Adventures; Instruction Booklet

Note: Unused but recorded game dialogue reveals that Falco would have appeared eariler at Walled City and help Fox out in a fight against General Scales, for a small fee. This scene was cut from the final game.


In "Adventures", Falco's voice and some other characters, was provided by Rare employee and occasional voice over, Ben Cullum. In the Smash Taunts of "SSBM", released prior to "Adventures", he also provided Falco's lines.

In "Assault", Falco served a role similar to the one he played in "Star Fox 64"; he's still smart-mouthed and arrogant. Although he is the ace pilot of the team, he is chased by enemy ships (although rarely). After being "saved" by Fox, he makes quotes like "I'm not too proud of what you just witnessed" to show his shame. In Mission 4 after the Climate Control Center is turned back on, Falco will destroy the Sentry Bots controlled by Aparoidedation (as Fox had been locked inside the control center and cornered by the sentry bots. He then takes Fox wing-riding over Fichina to take out ground and airborne Aparoids until it gives Peppy time for Arwing transfer preparations. If Falco's health bar runs out, Falco will yell "Dang!" before his Arwing explodes, causing Fox to fall to his doom.

Rescuing Falco from tailing enemies will cause him to drop a Smart Bomb as a grudging gesture of gratitude. He never once leaves his Arwing in the story mode, making him the only character to do so.

Instruction book description

The Star Fox team's ace pilot. Falco left the team briefly to work on his own but has since returned to the fold. He says he's in it for the money, but rumor has it that he considers the team his family. He's really a kind-hearted and uncomplicated fellow.
—Star Fox: Assault; Instruction Booklet

Multiplayer stats

Falco is available as a default playable character in the versus mode. Being the ace pilot of his team, Falco's best advantage is his unmatched Arwing Skill, that gives his ship a locking reticle that has a larger range than anyone else, allowing him to make more accurate shots than other characters in their Arwings. Falco and Wolf are the only two characters whose stats change depending on their aircraft; Falco's Arwing Skill is 5 stars, but his Wolfen skill is 2, which puts him at a disadvantage if both Wolfens and Arwings are selected on an aircraft-only map. As a Pliot, Falco has the second fastest running speed of all characters, behind Wolf, but ties with Krystal and Wolf for having the worst Landmaster Skill. He also has the lowest health of any character, giving him poor endurance. Coupled with his fast running speed, his low health forces him into a hit-and-run playstyle.

Upon winning a match, Falco turns around brashly and says "You can't touch me" with a faint chuckle.


In "Assault", Falco's voice was provided by Mike Madeoy.

Falco reappears in "Command". His attitude towards his teammates is still the same as before, and now Falco flies his own ship, the Sky Claw. Falco has a major role in three of the game's nine endings.

Instruction book description

A brash and headstrong pilot who has issues with authority figures. His undeniable flying skills make him an indispensable member of the team.
—Star Fox Command; Instruction Booklet

Ending 2 - The New Star Fox Team


After the Anglars were defeated, Fox decides to retire in order to be with Krystal. They have a son, Marcus, and he is entered in the Cornerian Flight Academy where he learns how to pilot the Arwing. Marcus later forms a new Star Fox team, along with Slippy's eldest son, Lucy Hare's daughter, and Falco, who serves a role similar to Peppy's in present time as the team's wise adviser.

Ending 8 - Star Falco


After Falco defeats Pigma, Fox sends him a message telling him that he and the rest of the team had already defeated the Anglar forces. Fox states that "there's a limit to how late even you [Falco] can be", and goes on to point out that Falco will no longer be needed, especially with the re-addition of Krystal to the team. Upset, Falco spent a lot of his time alone, until one day he received a call from Katt Monroe persuading him to start his own team. Falco agrees, and recruits Katt and Dash.

Ending 9 - The G-Zero Grand Prix


Star Fox had defeated Pigma in a separate ending. Later on, the team receives a transmission stating that Star Wolf had broadcast to the entire Lylat System saying how they had defeated the Anglars themselves, and introduced Krystal as a proud member of Star Wolf. Fox was distraught, and left the team, along with Falco. The two later pondered the idea to re-model their Arwings into G-Zero Racers to race in the G-Zero Grand Prix as their new profession.

Website bio description

Falco Lombardi
A member of the Star Fox team. Falco's multi-lock system can burn up entire squadrons of Anglar fighters.
—Star Fox Command Website bio (Falco)

Falco's role is essentially the same in the 3DS version of Star Fox 64. Some word changes are applied to his dialogue to adapt to modern times as well as the 3DS control system.

Official Star Fox 64 3D site

Falco is a stellar pilot, and he knows-his arrogance can be a bit overbearing. But his keen eye greatly increases Star Fox team's chance of finding alternate routes in select stages.
—Star Fox 64

Instruction book description

Falco holds the key to an alternate route. Help him early on, and the likelihood of branching to the more difficult route becomes easier.
—Star Fox 64 3D; Instruction Booklet


Starting from this game, Mark Lund would go on to provide Falco's lines, as his current voice actor. Newly recorded dialogue allowed slight alterations to the script, but remained mostly faithful to the N64 game.

Falco returns in "Zero" acting in his familiar roles he held previously. During the battle against the Monarch Dodora, Slippy suggests that Falco should try talking to it for reasoning, Falco however reacts by rejecting the idea since being avians doesn't automatically make them friends.

Falco Lombardi

A hotshot flyboy who's got your back when the going gets tough. He can seem a bit arrogant at times, but his keen eye of then helps the Star Fox team stay on track.
—Star Fox


Falco was voiced once more by Mark Lund.

Falco appears in "Star Fox 2" as one of six playable characters (the four males plus females Miyu and Fay). The game was originally scrapped in mid-1995 to make way for the then-upcoming Nintendo 64, and ROMs of the game in sundry stages of development were later leaked on the Internet. However, the final version of the game was pre-installed on the Super NES Classic Edition in 2017.

Falco Lombardi description

An ace pilot who enjoys a friendly rivalry with Fox.
—Official Web Manual

Super Smash Bros 4 merged logo, no subtitle

Falco appears as an ulockable playable character in Super Smash Bros. series' games from Melee onwards. His moveset is based on that of Fox's, albeit with alterations. He is able to active hidden Smash Taunts on Star Fox related stages.

Falco appears in Super Smash Bros. Melee as an unlockable character alongside Fox. His moveset is based entirely off of Fox's, being almost a complete clone. What differs him from his ally is high jumping ability to offset Fox's speed and his Blaster is stronger and causes knockback (his blaster is actually the same as Fox's blaster from "Super Smash Bros. 64"). Falco is unlocked by beating the 100-Man Melee mode with any character, but he is hinted in the Event Mode match "Slippy's Invention", wearing a cloaking device and fighting alongside Fox. Falco, next to Fox, also has the fastest falling speed in the game, making him hard to KO vertically. Otherwise, Falco is very light, and easily knocked out horizontally. Falco and Fox can perform a secret taunt on the Corneria and Venom stages by alternately tapping left and right on the control pad. After that is done, Peppy and Slippy will fly over more often and say things. If Fox uses the taunt, Falco appears alongside them. If Falco uses the taunt, Fox appears alongside them. If they're both on the stage, only Peppy and Slippy will talk.

Palette swaps


# Name Image First Game / Move Description
67 Falco Lombardi
Falco Trophy Melee
Star Fox / Starwing
Star Fox team pilot, Falco's constant air of casual indifference belies his precise piloting skills. He avoids discussion of what he did before joining the team, but many consider it likely that his past was filled with reckless behavior. He's not much for cooperation, but he does respect those more skilled than he is.
68 Falco Lombardi [Smash]
Falco Trophy (Smash)
B: Blaster
Smash B: Falco Phantasm
Where his leader, Fox, has blinding speed, Falco has his own distinct skills and advantages. He has both a higher jump and a longer reach than Fox, and although his Blaster lacks rapid-fire capabilities, it strikes with shocking force. Unlike Fox, Falco can stop enemies in their tracks with his Blaster fire.
69 Falco Lombardi [Smash]
Falco Trophy (Smash 2)
Up & B: Fire Bird
Down & B: Reflector
Falco's amazing jumping abilities have many merits, but it's vital to realize that it comes at the cost of some attack power and defensive strength. He falls at a high speed, which disrupts potential attackers, but this also prevents successful recoveries occasionally. Hit an opponent with Reflector, and he or she will fly straight up; this is Falco's quickest attack.


Falco is voiced in all regions of Melee by Hisao Egawa, while his English Smash Taunts were provided by Ben Cullum.

Falco appears in "Brawl" as an unlockable character. His moveset is still similar to Fox's, but it is a little more personalized. For example, he kicks his Reflector instead of holding it, and uses more arm attacks, rather than Fox, who mostly uses kicks. Brawl's physics reduced falling speed, and now Falco is a fully light character with an improved moveset. Falco can be unlocked by playing 50 versus matches, beating 100-Man Brawl, or having him join the party during the Subspace Emissary. Like in Melee, Fox and Falco (along with Wolf) can perform a secret taunt on the Star Fox stages by tapping the left and right buttons repeatedly.

Palette swaps
Special Moves
  • Standard - Blaster: Falco takes a stance and fires his blaster similar to how Fox did in Super Smash Bros. In Melee it is red, but in Brawl, it is blue.
  • Side - Falco Phantasm: Falco does this the way Fox does his Illusion, but it doesn't go as far. If it hits an opponent in midair, it will send them downward.
  • Up - Fire Bird: In Melee, it is practically a copy of Fox's Fire Fox from Super Smash Bros., just as the blaster is. It has very good vertical power, able to KO at relatively low percentages. In Brawl, it can burn enemies at the end of its charging frames, then delivers a multiple-hit attack.
  • Down - Reflector: In Melee, he uses his reflector like Fox does. The only difference is that it sends those who are hit by its starting frames upward, making shine combos unorthodox and harder to perform. In Brawl, he kicks it at his foes and it comes back to him like a boomerang. It can also go through walls and is disjointed so it acts as a very useful projectile itself.
  • Final Smash - Landmaster: Falco says, "Personally, I prefer the air!" jumps up and comes back down in a Landmaster. His Landmaster's laser and ramming power is weaker than Fox's, but it goes a little faster and can fly longer (at a higher speed).

Role in the Subspace Emissary

Subspace falco

Falco's introduction in the Subspace Emissary.

Ejecting from his Arwing, Falco shows up in the nick of time to save Fox from trophification at the hands of Bowser and a Shadowbug clone of Diddy Kong by flip-kicking the Dark Cannon from Bowser's hands and destroying it with dual lasergun fire, forcing Bowser to retreat. The Diddy clone then begins to absorb more Shadowbugs, becoming gigantic, and, after Fox revives the real Diddy, the three fight the giant clone. Falco then turns to leave, but is dragged back by Diddy and reluctantly comes along. A stupefied Fox shrugs his shoulders and walks off after them, since he received the same treatment from Diddy earlier.

As Captain Falcon and Captain Olimar look down at the ship carrying Donkey Kong's trophy, Falco's Arwing shows up, ejecting Diddy Kong from the cockpit. Diddy then activates his Rocket Barrel Jet Pack and shoots the ship with his Peanut Popguns. Landing on the ship, he quickly de-trophifies DK, and after DK, Diddy, Captain Falcon, and Olimar defeat the Primids that board the ship, Falco gives Diddy and Donkey Kong a thumbs up as he leaves.

He makes his next appearance in the battle against Duon on the Halberd, where he teams up with Fox, Peach, Zelda, Snake, and Lucario. When it's defeated, Peach revives Game and Watch as Meta Knight takes back control of his ship. He uses his Arwing during the attack on the Subspace Gunship and joins with the heroes throughout the rest of the story.


Name How to Unlock PictureDescription
Falco Clear Classic Mode as Falco
Falco SSBB Trophy
A Star Fox pilot whose real name is Falco Lombardi. He once roamed the starways as the head of a galactic gang, and his piloting skills are superb. He affects an air of cool disdain and is sometimes uncooperative, but in reality his passion for Star Fox is second to none. He once left the team to fly solo for a time.

  • Star Fox / Starwing (SNES)
  • Star Fox Command (SNES)
Landmaster (Falco) Clear All-Star Mode as Falco
Landmaster (Falco) - Brawl Trophy
Falco's Final Smash. He jumps aboard the Landmaster high-spec, antiaircraft tank. With the tank's powerful cannon blasts and rolling ability, it's possible to take out all enemies at once. The Landmaster is based on actual production vehicles, but Team Star Fox's Landmaster was customized by the team's mechanic, Slippy Toad.

  • Star Fox Assault (GCN)
Falco (Assault) Random
Falco (Assault) - Brawl Trophy
A somewhat arrogant and smart-mouthed member of Team Star Fox. He often seems perturbed, especially when antagonized by Panther, and claims to dislike the cold. Although separated from the team, he joins back up for the battle on Sauria and pretends that the reason behind his loyalty to the team is purely monetary.

  • Star Fox Assault (GCN)
Falco (Command) Random
Falco (Command) - Brawl Trophy
Tired of the daily grind and monotony of work after the events of Star Fox: Assault, Falco seeks more stimulating adventures with his buddies from his days as a space delinquent. He meets up again with Fox, who is battling a new enemy, the Anglar, on the planet Venom. Falco again vows to fight alongside Fox as a member of the Star Fox team.

  • Star Fox Command (DS)


Name Game Effect Characters Sticker
Falco Star Fox 64 Attack +11 Fox Falco Wolf
Brawl Sticker Falco (Star Fox 64)
Falco Star Fox Adventures Attack +11 Fox Falco Wolf
Brawl Sticker Falco (Star Fox Adventures)
Falco Star Fox Command Attack +14 Fox Falco Wolf
Brawl Sticker Falco (Star Fox Command)
Falco Star Fox: Assault Attack +20 Falco
Brawl Sticker Falco (Star Fox Assault)

Snake's Codec

  • Snake: "This is Snake..."
  • Slippy: "Copy, Snake! This is Slippy!"
  • Snake: "Whaa--! Who is this? What are you, some kind of frog?!"
  • Slippy: "Easy there, buddy! Just thought I'd hop on the wireless and give you a holler. Don't get mad!"
  • Snake: "Hacked right into my channel, huh..."
  • Slippy: "But I'm not here to mess nothin' up. Don't worry."
  • Snake: "..."
  • Slippy: "Just so ya know, Falco uses a Blaster and Reflector that I designed, just like Fox does. But Falco will kick his Reflector and send it flyin' around. Just showin' off, if you ask me."
  • Snake: "No reason a weapon can't have more than one use. In fact, I'd say its versatility shows how well you designed it."
  • Slippy: "Hey, maybe so! I feel all fuzzy now! Thanks, Snake!"
  • Snake: "Maybe next time we meet, you can design me a weapon...."

Note: This is the only codec that features Slippy Toad from Star Fox instead of Snake's normal contacts. The number "140.85" (Roy Campbell's codec number) appears in the Codec screen, implying that Snake intended to call Roy.


Hisao Egawa reprises his role as Falco in the Japanese version, while in English versions, he is now voiced by Dex Manley, who also provided Peppy's Smash Taunt lines, who also appeared in "Assault" as ROB.

Falco returns as an unlockable playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. His model is based on his previous appearance, yet he now appears using primary colour based renders like other characters, but has realistic feather outlines. His blaster's barrel and holster now has the Star Fox team's logo stitched on. His moveset and gameplay style is still based on Fox's, but with obvious differences.

Wii U

Name How to Unlock PictureDescription Trophy Box
Falco LombardiClassic Mode
A talented pilot and part of the Star Fox team, Falco can be a bit rough around the edges. He once led his own galactic gang before joining up with Fox. In Smash Bros., his ability to jump high and deal damage in the air makes him a powerful threat, and his thrown Reflector can catch foes by surprise.
NA release
Ex-gang leader, ace pilot and comrade of Fox, Falco Lombardi might play it cool, but he's burning with passion on the inside. In this game, he excels at jumping and aerial combat, and the way his Reflector move flies forwards can catch foes off guard. Add to that his balanced array of attacks, and it's clear that Falco's a real threat.
PAL release
  • SNES: Star Fox (03/1993)
  • N64: Star Fox 64 (07/1997)
37. Star Fox
Falco (Alt.)All-Star
Falco's Blaster looks identical to Fox's at first, but actually it's quite different! The beams Falco fires deal more damage and cause the victim to flinch, but at a slower rate of fire. Considering Falco's lineage, it's not all that surprising that he can fire faster while airborne.
NA release
Falco's Blaster looks identical to Fox's at first glance, but they are actually quite different. Most notably, Falco's version causes enemies to flinch, which can be invaluable when warding off approaching foes. It also deals more damage and has a slower fire rate - though its fire rate actually increases when used in mid-air.
PAL release
  • SNES: Star Fox (03/1993)
  • N64: Star Fox 64 (07/1997)
Landmaster (Falco) Final Smash
Falco jumps aboard his landmaster for his Final Smash, This powerful combat vehicle sports an explosive cannon and a heavily armored exterior. Falco can blast other fighters or simply drive into them with his tank. This landmaster also flies higher than Fox's, letting Falco give his rivals a the stage!
NA release
With immense firepower and tough armour, the Landmaster makes for a mighty Final Smash. Falco can use this fine combat vehicle to run down and roll into rivals, as well as inundate them with cannon blasts. His Landmaster can hover a bit higher than Fox's making it easier to pick rivals up and give them a nice comfy ride off the stage!
PAL release
37. Star Fox
Falco Lombardi (Assault)Series Related
Falco, the ace pilot on the Star Fox team, and Fox set out to deal with Oikonny's rebel army. However, they were shocked by something completely unexpected! Was it Oikonny's amazing, unmatched fighting prowess? Pfft! As if! They were surprised by a sudden attack by hive-minded alien invaders!
NA realise'
Star Fox's ace pilot. He and Fox go to deal with Oikonny's rebel army, only to see something incredibly unexpected - the battle between the Cornerian forces and the rebel army gets interrupted. Good news, right? Nope! It's interrupted by a surprise invasion of countless life forms operating with a single consciousness. Yikes!
PAL release
  • GameCube: Star Fox: Assault (02/2005)
36. Star Fox: Assault


Name How to Unlock PictureDescription
Falco LombardiClassic Mode

Falco's regular trophy.

A talented pilot and part of the Star Fox team, Falco can be a bit rough around the edges. He once led his own galactic gang before joining up with Fox. In Smash Bros., his ability to jump high and deal damage in the air makes him a powerful threat, and his thrown Reflector can catch foes by surprise.
NA release
Ex-gang leader, ace pilot and comrade of Fox, Falco Lombardi might play it cool, but he's burning with passion on the inside. In this game, he excels at jumping and aerial combat, and the way his Reflector move flies forwards can catch foes off guard. Add to that his balanced array of attacks, and it's clear that Falco's a real threat.
PAL release
Falco (Alt.)All-Star

Falco's All-Star trophy.

Falco's Blaster looks identical to Fox's at first, but actually it's quite different! The beams Falco fires deal more damage and cause the victim to flinch, but at a slower rate of fire. Considering Falco's lineage, it's not all that surprising that he can fire faster while airborne.
NA release
Falco's Blaster looks identical to Fox's at first glance, but they are actually quite different. Most notably, Falco's version causes enemies to flinch, which can be invaluable when warding off approaching foes. It also deals more damage and has a slower fire rate - though its fire rate actually increases when used in mid-air.
PAL release

Palutena's Guidance

  • Palutena: Do you know who this is, Pit?
  • Pit: Falco Lombardi! Ace pilot on the Star Fox team! Great Jumper!
  • Palutena: ...Exactly. Captain Falcon's already got the falcon motif. Falco looks more like a pheasant to me.
  • Pit: Mmm, sounds delicious.
  • Viridi: If I were you, I'd keep your voice down. If he hears you, he'll make you eat his boots.
  • Palutena: Falco used to be the leader of a galactic gang, so you can expect him to be good in a fight.
  • Pit: I'm starting to freak out here. I mean, this guy is famous throughout the entire galaxy!
  • Palutena: Watch out for long-range attacks like his Reflector shot and Blaster.
  • Viridi: You'll see he's quick on the draw.

Note: The spoken galactic gang is likely the space hot rodders team as seen in the Farewell; Beloved Falco manga. Also, Pit believing Falco to be a pheasant is an obvious reference to the recent Iwata asks interview controversy over Falco's actual species. The comparisons between Falco and Captain Falcon might relate to an older Falco wearing Falcon's boots in Star Fox Command's 2nd ending.


In the Japanese version, he was once again voiced by Hisao Egawa via re-recorded voice clips. In the English versions, Mark Lund resumed his role as Falco's voice actor.

As per Smash tradition, Falco returns as a playable character. His physical appearance follows his character design used in Star Fox Zero, and his Final Smash has changed from the time consuming Landmaster transformation to an instantaneous Arwing quartet volley firing at players. In comparison to Fox, Falco's Final Smash is much more wild and free, reflecting Falco's fiery and brash nature.

Falco acts as one of the minions for the Zelda puppet fighter housing Zelda from Breath of the Wild, an indirect reference to the character Revali from that game, who shared a similar appearance and personality to Falco.

Fighter Spirits

No. Image Name Origin Game
Falco Spirit SSBU
Falco Lombardi (Artwork: Star Fox Zero)


Mark Lund, Falco's voice actor from Star Fox 64 3D onward reprised his role with new voice clips, sounding more akin to "Zero" and "Starlink: Battle for Atlas". In the Japanese version, Falco is now voiced by Kōsuke Takaguchi, replacing Hisao Egawa from the other games.

Falco and other Star Fox elements have minimized cameos and references in other games and media.

Mario Golf

Names of Star Fox characters, including Falco's, occasionally appear on the gaming score check.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

There are five masks which represent animal faces, and they are to remind of five Star Fox characters. Moreover, in the inventory, those masks are aligned in that order : Keaton mask, Bremen Mask, Bunny Hood, Don Gero's Mask and Mask of Scents, respectively Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad, and Pigma Dengar.

In the Boss Microgame during 9-Volt and 18-Volt's stages, Falco appears on the Communications Channel, bearing his original SNES appearance. Falco will alert the player to the approaching ROB Boss, while he and the rest of his team will offer piloting tips and encouragement.

Super Mario Maker

  • Costumes for Fox, Falco, Slippy, Peppy, and the Walker from Star Fox Zero can be unlocked by completing the 100 Mario Challenge. The Fox and Falco costumes can also be unlocked by scanning their respective amiibo.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Falco appears exclusively in the Nintendo Switch version of Starlink: Battle for Atlas, performing the same role as he does in the main games. His character design is largely based on his "realistic" art-style seen in Star Fox Zero.


Falco's voice was provided by Mark Lund once more.


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