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Electric Sphere Aparoids are Aparoid defensive artillery that appear in the 9th Mission of "Assault".


Electric Spheres are large spherical barricades, covered in honeycomb circuitry and generate pulses of electric pulses. These Spheres often guard entry to the buildings around the Aparoid City, and seem to be capable of spawning supporting Aparoid ground forces, since there will often be large numbers of newly materialised Crawler, Minitank and Walker units that roam around the Sphere. The Electric Spheres will obviously zap Fox McCloud if he gets too close to them, so using strong weapons like the Sniper Rifle from a safe distance or shots from the Landmaster is the best way to eliminate them. Spheres will also drop Grenades or Gatling Guns in Bronze and Silver difficulties.

In the game

In Mission 9: Aparoid Homeworld, Electric Spheres float outside the entry points of the buildings in the Aparoid City, accompanied by large numbers of ground forces.


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