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Dune Worm is a boss that appears the Nintendo DS game, Star Fox Command. The Dune Worm is one of Andross' bioweapons, created for the sole purpose of protecting "the device", a weapon which was designed to neutralize the acidic Venom sea. It can be found on Titania.

Methods of Attacks

The Dune Worm will dive under the sand right when the battle starts. After a while of tunneling, it will jump up above the sand and hurl rocks back towards the player. These can be locked on to and shot down or dodged by barrel rolling.


The Dune Worm's weak points are at either end of its body, both of which can be locked on to. It cannot be damaged while tunneling below the ground by any weapons, but is susceptible to bombs and lasers while above ground.


The Dune Worm may have been inspired by the sand worms from the Dune franchise.

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