Dumbledang Pods are a type of recovery item in "Star Fox Adventures".


They are delicious fruits only found on Dinosaur Planet. Their appearance is lime green in color and they have orange vertical stripes on them. Even though a ThornTail tells Fox McCloud them being a great source of energy, one only recovers 2 units of health, half the amount of PukPuk Eggs

  • They strongly resemble the real world Cocoa bean, as they both have the same shape and ridged outer layer.

Collection Methods

They are commonly found in SharpClaw baskets and crates, in Dumbledang Trees and in ThornTail Store. They can be dropped down from the Trees by whacking them with the Krystal's Staff. They are also sometimes dropped by enemies after they have been defeated.


  • Since they are for sale in ThornTail Store at a considerably steep price, it is more than pointless to buy them, as many of them they grow in Dumbledang Trees right outside the Store and some are in addition found inside some containers in the Store for free.
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