Lock on fast fighters:
Clouds of Tripod and Dragon Fighters cover this section of the track. Tripods fly low and slow, so it's easy to knock them out with a single shot, but the Dragon Fighters are fast and tough to follow. Lock on the Dragon Fighters and let your Landmaster's tracking system go to work. While it's tempting to completely clear the skies with several Smart Bombs, save them for the large clusters of enemies. Destroying fighter groups with a single bomb will quickly boost your overall score.
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Dragon Fighters are starfighters, manufactured in the weapons labs on Macbeth and utilised by the forces of Andross during the Lylat Wars.

In the games

Dragon Fighters are fast flying, polygonal-shaped enemy spacecraft that tend to be tough to follow.

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Dragon Fighters were used across the course of the Lylat Wars, encountered by the Star Fox Team just as they entered Corneria City and just as soon as they entered the canyons on Venom. They were actually in-use long before the Lylat Wars even began as some Dragon Fighters starfighters were responsible for the capture of James McCloud and Peppy Hare after their own teammate Pigma Dengar betrayed them over to Andross.

Dragon Fighters reappear in "Star Fox Zero" under the name: Venom Fighter II.



  • Because there were no Dragons seen at Macbeth, the above information from the guide actually refers to the Granga Fighters.