FBF Katts Distress Call

Falco gets Katt's distress call as she gets attacked by Goras.

Distress Signal coming from Titania!
ROB 64

distress signal is an internationally recognized means for obtaining help. Distress signals take the form of or are commonly made by using radio signals, displaying a visually detected item or illumination, or making an audible sound, from a distance. This form of pleading for help has made several appearances in the Star Fox series, mainly for plot purposes.


Star Fox 64/3D

Main article: Lylat Wars

Spyborg throwing Slippy's Arwing. ROB later detects the distress signal coming from Titania.

At the start of the game, ROB detects a distress signal made by General Pepper originating from Corneria, pleading to the Star Fox team that Andross has now conquered the Lylat System and only planet Corneria remains to complete his victory. Star Fox immediately shipped out into service and provided support for the badly outnumbered Cornerian army.

During the battle of Sector X, Slippy Toad was brushed aside and sent flying onto Titania's surface by the crazed Spyborg, sending out a distress signal to his team. Fox followed the traces until it led to Slippy caught in the grasp of the prehistoric beast Goras.

Star Fox: Farewell, Beloved Falco

Main article: Titania Incident

Four years after the Lylat Wars, Katt Monroe sent a distress call to Falco Lombardi while being attacked by Goras. 

Star Fox Adventures

Main article: Saurian Crisis

The Exterior of the Krazoa Palace.

The game starts out with Krystal travelling to Sauria after picking up a faint distress signal, mentioning a mountain hidden in a storm. She eventually discovers the source at Krazoa Palace from an EarthWalker soldier, who sent the signal while the outnumbered EarthWalkers battled General Scales's bigger SharpClaw army.

While on his expedition to restore the shattered planet, Fox and Prince Tricky caught Krystal's telepathic cries of agony at Moon Mountain Pass. With cries of chokes and pleading, Fox agreed to tend to Krystal's freedom on his way. The Mother ThornTail also claims to sometimes hear "a girl's cries" coming from the WarpStone.

Star Fox: Assault

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Katina Pigma

Katina Pigma

During the Aparoid Invasion, Star Fox were directed by General Pepper to investigate a distress signal originating from the Katina Outpost. The suspicious signal was revealed to be a trick, planted by the traitorous Pigma Dengar, to capture the newly discovered Core Memory to sell.

After recapturing the Core Memory from Aparoid Pigma, Krystal once again sensed cries of agony from Sauria, leaving Star Fox returning to free the dinosaurs of Sauria once again.

Star Fox Command

Main article: Anglar Blitz

Various storylines during the Anglar Blitz revolve around the use of distress signals, such as Lucy Hare on Fichina's City from Andrew Oikonny or General Peppy Hare on Corneria.

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  • Distress Signals seen in the Star Fox series may have drawn inspiration from the Star Wars franchise, considering the numerous similarities.
  • When Krystal's cries are heard at Moon Mountain Pass, she still speaks in the native Dino Talk despite Fox having his translator at the time. However, unused dialogue for Star Fox Adventures have revealed the same lines in English, meaning the error may be on the developer's behalf.
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