A Dimension Transport System, or Matter Displacement Device is a special machine created by Andross that enables teleportation to who or whatever uses one. Cornerian scientists deemed it impossible before the use of the devices were witnessed during the Lylat Wars.


Blockers using their Dimension Transporters.

Dimension Transporters allow the user to phase in and out of reality, something Cornerian scientists found impossible before. It is unknown if Andross found the designs of the Dimension Transporter in his exile or if he created it himself, however, it is known he was very skilled in space warp science so the device may have been his own creation either way. It is unknown what the device looks like, but it can be assumed that the flashing lights that it creates by the Blockers and Gorgon are the source behind it.

Known users

Andross himself used a Dimension Transporter after having one embedded in his brain, which enabled him to escape to safety and create surprise attacks. The Gorgon space station was equipped with one which enabled it to gain superiority over Venom's air defense zone, also gaining a fearsome reputation. The Blocker barricades were fitted with portable versions of Dimension Transporters which made them very fast, unpredictable barricades to defend Andross's palace.

Andross's Brain

All that's left are Andross's eyes and brain, grown to monstrous proportions. The brain is so large, it can't manoeuvre up and down as much as you can within this All-Range area. It's equipped with a Dimension Transporter and powerful thrusters, though, so it will still be tough to get it in you laser sights. Using the radar scope will be crucial to lining up your shots.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 113


Gorgon is Andross's deadliest weapon yet! It's equipped with a huge hyper laser capable of piercing the crust of a planet in a single shot. It also possesses a Dimension Transport System that enables it to phase in and out of our reality, something that scientists have thought to be impossible, up until now.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 105


Using portable versions of the Dimension Transport System used on the Gorgon satellite, these blocks will pop up out of nowhere and fill up one of the paths to Andross's palace. You'll be able to squeeze between them, but it will be a tight fit, and your G-diffuser generated shields won't protect you if you run into them.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 107

Other users?

While unconfirmed, the Venomian Stealth Bombers used by Andrew Oikonny's army may have been fitted with Dimension Transporters or something similar, considering that they give off a flashing light which slip gives their position, and will phase out if they are not destroyed beforehand. Considering that Andrew Oikonny became his uncle's successor after his death, he may have had access to leftover equipment or plans.


  • A similar system played a major role in Star Fox Zero as well as it's prologue Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins, where it was responsible for ferrying Andross's various troops throughout the Lylat System and was also part of the reason why Andross was not only exiled to Venom, but also why Venom itself ended up sealed in a pocket dimension (the former was because, after Andross and the Cornerians developed the system to ensure peace within the Lylat System, the latter grew mad with power and began using it for his own malevolent purposes, and the latter was due to James McCloud's actions). The Cornerian Tower was equipped with this transporter device. The main difference between the Dimension Transporter in 64 and the one in Zero is that the latter had been invented by the Cornerians and commonly used before Andross's downfall, while in the former, it is heavily implied that such technology had been inconceivable among the Cornerians until Andross managed to create the device and install it on Blockers, the Gorgon, and even his own brain out of spite after his exile.