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The Devil Shark is a shark-like aquatic ship used by one of the Anglar Emperor's commanders, Zako.


The Devil Shark is encountered on Aquas, and Venom. When it is first encountered, It will try to ram you and try to damage your ship with the fish under its belly, and the fish are shot down, new ones will take their place every time. To defeat the Devil Shark, you have to shoot at the head of the Devil Shark repedeately, until it opens into three segments, revealing a spiky ball. This is its weak spot, and the Devil Shark will try to shoot you down to prevent you to damage it, so Barrel Rolling should be wisely used. Once its weak spot has taken enough damage, the Devil Shark is defeated. It is somewhat more difficult to fight on Aquas, but easier on Venom. Strangely, there is another type of the Devil Shark called the Devil Shark II, and it is easier to defeat the Devil Shark II than the first Devil Shark.


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