The Demon Sniper Rifle is a special weapon, appearing in "Star Fox: Assault", which can be unlocked for use in Versus Mode by collecting all 50 Special Flags from the ten single-player missions.


This weapon is a variant of the Sniper Rifle, which can be fired more quickly, has a larger blast range, but less ammunition. Like the Demon Launcher, it destroys the target instantly if it successfully makes contact with the opponent, which makes it particularly useful against vehicles. It is capable of defeating Wolf in one shot, whose five-star health rating allows him to survive a single hit from a Sniper Rifle when at perfect health. The Demon Sniper appears in locations where other special weapons can be found, such as the Fireburst Pod, and it can be removed from matches by turning off "Special Weapons" in the match rules on the map selection screen.

Strategy Guide

The Demon Sniper is a much tougher version of the sniper rifle, except you'll get less ammo with it, and it will pick off vehicles -not just enemies- in a single shot.
—Nintendo Power Strategy Guide, pg 102

Official Site description

Demon Sniper: A deadlier version of the sniper rifle. It will destroy Arwings and Landmasters with a single shot.
—Devil Sniper description on the official site.


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