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I'll show you why they call the Death Crab the most feared weapon in the Anglar Arsenal!
—Andrew Oikonny  

The Death Crab is a boss in Star Fox Command. It is piloted by Andrew Oikonny, who had recently joined the Anglars in their attacks on the Lylat System. The Death Crab is fought on the planet Fichina, during the mission Oikonny Strikes Back.


The battle with the Death Crab is done in two stages. While the Death Crab is on the ground, the pincer-like appendages that the boss uses to attack with must be destroyed by shooting their weak point inside the 'claw'. After the ground battle, the Death Crab will then begin to fly around shooting out its legs. Each of the legs and claws must be destroyed before the body itself can be targeted.


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