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The SnowHorn Tribe is in great danger. General Scales has enslaved them to work in the DarkIce Mines. If you can locate the GateKeeper's daughter, she will be able to help you. Free the SnowHorns by finding that SpellStone! It's up to you Fox. Slippy out.
—Slippy Toad's briefing

DarkIce Mines is one of the four sacred lands on planet Sauria, in Star Fox Adventures. It is the location to the first Spellstone, and Belina Te, the daughter of Garunda Te, the SpellStone GateKeeper of DarkIce Mines.


A feeling of bitter betrayal and suffering shrouds DarkIce Mines' very air. The SnowHorns have been decimated and crudely beaten by Scales and his armies after being forced to labor in the Mines. Amongst the boiling temperatures and hazardous working conditions, many have been imprisoned and abused to have both weakened their bodies and their once strong courage. Galdon looms within the bowels of the Mine, serving as a warning to any SnowHorns who dare defy the SharpClaw grip. Hostage in their own homes, the SnowHorn are desperate for a rebutting force to liberate them of the SharpClaw-mechanized caverns they once used for benevolent purposes.


Plight of Sauria

Fox and Tricky entered DarkIce Mines to get the first SpellStone. The SnowHorns were enslaved here. The top was an icy area. After Fox killed two SharpClaw beating a SnowHorn with spiked clubs, Tricky learned the Flame Command. Fox received the Dinosaur Horn and used it to call a SnowHorn to walk across a blizzard. Tricky ran ahead and was captured. Fox rode a bike down to the mines, which were full of fire and lava. He released Tricky and Belina Te from their cells, and, after completing a long challenge involving a barrel, Fox entered the Galdon's lair. He defeated Galdon and took the first SpellStone, releasing the SnowHorns from Scales's enslavement and telling Belina that she and her father should be working against Scales instead of each other.

Darkice Mines was returned to the rest of the planet by the Krazoa Spirits once Andross was defeated.

Aparoid Invasion



  • The "Leap of Faith" room is likely a reference to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, except instead of the path appearing out of thin air in the movie, it is painted so that it is camouflaged.
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