The Dancing Insector is a boss that appears on Meteor in the original Star Fox.

In the game

At first the Dancing Insector doesn't do much except fire a few Plasma Balls at you intermittently. Shoot at the Insector's legs to destabilize it until it eventually collapses and starts spinning its legs around horizontally. At this point the Insector will attempt to get close to you and smack you with its spinning legs. It will either come in high or low; it's somewhat difficult to tell until the last second which way it will approach, but getting hit by the legs doesn't do much damage even if you fail to dodge it. After this, the Insector will resume its upright dancing position; shoot at the legs until the Insector collapses again. This time, the legs will turn red and the Insector will not return to its upright position. It will continue firing plasma balls and making ramming attacks, dodge these and fire at the legs to destroy them one by one. When three of the six legs have been destroyed, the Insector will start using its fireball attack. You will see a column of flame descend from the Insector along with an audio cue, and a few seconds later two fireballs will be launched at your Arwing in quick succession. This attack does deal significant damage, though it's not too hard to avoid. Continue firing on the legs until they're gone, then concentrate on the remaining saucer-like section until it is destroyed.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (ダンシングインセクター)
(クモ型改造兵器 Spider Type Remodeled Weapon)


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