I wouldn't bother with me right now. That thing looks like it means business! Ah ha ha!
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The Cylindrical Aparoid refers a part of the engineering of the Climate control center on Fichina which was infected by Aparoidedation after being influenced by the actions of Pigma Dengar. It was fought as a boss, postponing the chase on Pigma, or else without the climate control center, the planetary blizzards would be permanent due to its infection nearly causing the climate control center to overload and explode.


As part of their mission on Fichina, Fox McCloud had to take out the power supplies of the three shield generator towers in order to disable the shield that prevented access the climate-control device in the center structure. Later, Pigma appeared and led some Aparoids to the field, attacking the team. Eventually, Pigma used a Core Memory to infect one of the generators. It was set to explode, which would cause the control center to melt down and cause environmental damage. Fox quickly neutralized it with Smart Bombs from his Arwing, and saved the planet. These events that unfolded on Fichina taught the team that the Aparoid race can assimilate bionic and later organic victims.

In the game

The boss fight with the countdown ticking.

Once Fox lands on the surface after wing riding with Falco, Peppy is now able to send Arwing reinforcements. Fox will need to shoot down several ejected minor Aparoid units in order to cause the generator to open its hatch. The inside core of the hatch is the generator's weakness, therefore the uses of Smart Bomb and Hyper Laser fire are recommended. Yet after opening its core it will sometimes charge up energy and release a devastating beam. 

Shocking Aparoid Development

At the end of the flying tour, you'll see Pigma use some kind of technology to turn a hunk of machinery into a daddy-long-legged Aparoid, then fly away to leave you with the problem. Your friends will beam down your Arwing for the fight
—Official Star Fox Assault Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 51

Soaring Through The Swarm

The cylindrical insect-mech will release a flurry of bugs from its shuttered end. Destroy as many as you can; some will leave behind smart bombs when they explode - which are key to fighting the boss itself.
—Official Star Fox Assault Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 51

The Aparoid's Savage Beam

The boss will fire a devastating laser occasionally. When it starts powering up the weapon, soar off to the cylinder's sides or rear. If you're hit with the beam, the Arwing may explode, and you'll need to hunt down a replacement ship.
—Official Star Fox Assault Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 51

Drop A Bitter Pill Down It's Throat

You'll have only five minutes to destroy the boss, so you'll need to move quickly. Clear a path to the open end of the cylinder by blasting any foes that obstruct your clear view down its gullet. As you approach the open end, use your brake while turning to pivot sharply so that the nose of your craft points directly down the cylinder. Then fire a smart bomb and fly off. You'll need to repeat the technique a few times to destroy the boss.
—Official Star Fox Assault Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 51



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