The Cosmic Dodora is a bioweapon that appears in Star Fox Zero. Bearing the Boss Caption Interstellar Mechanical Raptor, it serves as the boss of the stage En-Route Anomaly, which centers around the Great Fox.

Physical Appearance

The Cosmic Dodora greatly resembles Monarch Dodora albeit with a reddish color. Thus, it also slightly resembles King Ghidorah from the Godzilla series, except with merely two heads.

Cosmic Dodora

After braving the usual threats in an asteroid-laden sector for a while, an entirely new one will emerge. This gigantic, two-headed avian flaps big circles around the Great Fox, exhaling fireballs at the mothership from both beaks. With its enormous size, the main purpose of focus view becomes orienting yourself relative the boss. Flying in front of it is a bad idea, since it'll just smash the Arwing, so bank in behind the Cosmic Dodora and boost in to get in firing position.
—Star Fox Zero; Prima Game Strategy Guide, pg 180.

In the game

In the Great Fox - En-Route Anomaly alternate stage, Cosmic Dodora will appear after the Chitori Missiles and possesses more health than the Monarch Dodora, where it initially focuses its attacks on the Great Fox to try and force a Mission Failed; however, repeatedly attacking it while it does so will cause it to change its focus to Fox instead. When this happens, ROB 64 will prepare the Great Fox's main cannons. At this point, Fox must lure the Cosmic Dodora to the front of the Great Fox- by doing so, it will take a direct hit from the ship's cannons and receive heavy damage. After it takes 2 shots from the cannon, the Cosmic Dodora dies and explodes.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (スペース・ドドラ Space Dodora)
(宇宙機械鳥竜 Cosmic Mechanical Bird-Dragon)


  • The music actually speeds up when the Cosmic Dodora's anger is incited.


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