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Corridor Mode is a term for the manner of flight driven gameplay in the Star Fox series. Corridor Mode, also known as Valley Mode or even On-Rails Mode, is a 3-D scroll which forces the vehicle down a fixed route in which there is no option to turn around, unlike All-Range Mode. The mode is a staple in every Star Fox game to date.

In the games

SNES attackcarrier

Corridor Mode in Star Fox.

Corridor Mode is used in every mission, since All-Range Mode did not yet exist. All-Range Mode was initially planned for the sequel, Star Fox 2.

Star Fox 64 logo

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SF64 Corneria City Good Luck

An example of Corridor Mode gameplay.

Corridor Mode is used on the following missions, although the mode may change depending on gaming performance. A first person point of view is optional in Corridor Mode. When the vehicle nears the edge of the screen, a red arrow will flash to prevent it from going any further.

Mission Moment
Corneria Entire Level minus Granga's battle
Meteo Entire Level
Sector X Entire Level
Titania Entire Level
Venom Entire Level
Solar Entire Level
Macbeth Entire Level
Sector Y Entire Level till bosses
Aquas Entire Level
Zoness Entire Level
Area 6 Entire Level
Venom II Entering and leaving Venom's tunnels and Andross battle

Corridor Mode

The Arwing is an easy ship to fly, but only a truly great pilot can be expected to master it. Most missions are flown in what is called the Corridor Mode. The Arwing moves forward automatically, can you are able to maneuverer up, down, left and right. You cannot, however, turn completely around.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 11

Tactical Views

In most Corridor Mode missions, you can choose between a view from behind your ship and a view from within the cockpit. In All-Range Mode, you have a choice between a close-up and a wide -angle view from behind your ship. The wide-angle view is usually much better for spotting enemies chasing you. It's important to chose the view that you're most comfortable with. You must decide whether to focus on what's dead ahead or on what's going on around and behind you.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide, pg 13

3-D Scroll

A 3-D scroll mission thrusts you forward into the conflict, and requires intense, split-second reactions.
—Star Fox

Star Fox Adventures

The Arwing missions all use Corridor Mode flight paths, while the on-foot portion uses third person gameplay similar to All-Range Mode.

Star Fox Assault

Corridor Mode in Star Fox: Assault.

Like Star Fox 64, Corridor Mode is used on the following missions, which are also known in the manual as Shooting Stages:

Mission Moment
Mission 1. Fortuna Entire Level
Mission 5. Asteroid Belt Entire Level
Mission 10. Aparoid Homeworld Entire Level minus Aparoid Queen's 1st form

Note: There are also moments on Mission 4. Fichina and Mission 7. Corneria called Wing-riding that essentially follow the same principles as Corridor Mode.

Shooting Stages

Stages where you pilot Arwings through 3-D environments are shooting stages. Proceed to the goals of the stages to clear them.
—Star Fox: Assault; Instruction Booklet, pg 12

Star Fox Command

The only instances of Corridor Mode in Command is when tailing an Anglar Missile and when battling the Anglar Emperor's final form.


Corridor Mode in Star Fox Zero.

Corridor Mode returns with All-Range Mode in Star Fox Zero. As well as Corridor Mode ( what Miyamoto calls "valley mode," where you're on-rails) All-range mode in the Arwing is also prominent, this time however, the GamePad's gyro allows you to aim in one direction while flying in another, rather than your aim always being locked to your path of flight.


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