General Pepper's Flight Log, pg 60
Corneria's main battle fleet has suffered severe losses in Sector Y! A huge space battle has left our flagship crippled- or perhaps worse. Debriefed survivors have informed us about a new attack squadron of gigantic humanoid battle suits in the area. Although it may be too late to rescue our fleet from disaster, we need you to get in there and take out Andross's new iron soldiers! Their shields will deflect anything but a direct hit, so aim carefully! They are of course, accompanied by star fighters that will keep you on your toes.
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The Cornerian Flagship was the leading cruiser of the Cornerian Fleet and space forces during the Lylat Wars against Andross's fleet, not to be confused with the General's flagship that served as General Pepper's personal starfighter during the Aparoid Invasion.

In the games


When the forces of Venom made their attack on Corneria, the Cornerian Army were unable to take them on alone and General Pepper sent out an S.O.S to the Star Fox team for support. During the course of the Lylat Wars, the main Cornerian battle fleet were stationed at Sector Y and engaged in a desperate melee with Venomian forces where they were crippled by a huge space battle and the flagship stranded in space. Surviving soldiers informed Cornerian Command of attacks made by newly arrived humanoid battle suits, four of which managed to overwhelm, outgun and ruthlessly destroy the flagship despite the flagship returning fire and taking out one battle suit trooper.


In the conflict against the rebel army led by Andrew Oikonny, the Cornerian Fleet engaged in a busy battle with Oikonny's Army in orbit around Fortuna, led by another Cornerian Flagship that succeeded in breaking up the remnants of Andross's ships by ordering an effective battle formation V. Oikonny managed to counterattack the Cornerian "dogs" through deployment of his stealth squadron, which the Flagship regretted underestimating Oikonny's reserves.

When the surviving Cornerian ships gathered to form an invasion fleet on the Aparoid Homeworld, the Great Fox took on the role of the Cornerian Flagship and led the remaining Cornerian Fleet through the warp gate to the Aparoid's Homeworld. The Great Fox continued to serve as the leading flagship during the Mission to enter the planetary core tunnels underneath the Aparoid City, but after 20% of the Cornerian Fleet was destroyed in a space battle, the entire Cornerian Army was forced to retreat and left the outcome of the battle to the Star Fox team.


Another Flagship appears with the Cornerian Fleet repeating the same role in Zero, where they are engaged in a space melee with the Androssian fleet at Sector β. After all four Harlock-class Frigates were taken down by the Star Fox team and Bill Grey, the Granby came out of warp and the Cornerian flagship then prepared their main cannon to take it down, however the Granby's shields completely withstood the attack. Pepper then broadcasted to all available units to get through the Granby's shield, with Bill telling them to do this and Fox telling the general to leave it to him. Fox eventually managed to breach the shield while the Granby was busy firing and likewise reported this to the general. The commander then expressed shock that Fox could bypass the shield, before proceeding to order the crew to shoot Fox down immediately. Slippy then relayed to Fox that, per his analysis of the ship's structure, the shield generator was on the back near the top. Fox then proceeded to disable the force field preventing entry, and then proceeded to take down the attack robots as well as the shield generator. Fox then proceeded to flee the ship upon the shield being disabled as Pepper's flagship proceeded to prepare its main cannon, which promptly doomed the Granby.