The Cornerian Fighter (Assault) is the next generation fighter craft in the Cornerian army.


Cornerian Fighters differ greatly from their Lylat Wars counterparts. They had improved speed, manuverability, and somewhat better weapons. They still could be outperformed by Aparoid Fighters. Each ship had two sets of wings, a nose similar to an Arwing's and a single laser cannon.


They probably fought at the Battle of Fortuna against Oikonny's Rebel Army, and fought in the The Battle of the Orbitial Gate alongside Fox McCloud. It is likely that they participated in the Aparoid Homeworld strategem, before they were overwhelmed, retreating at 20% in casualties.



  • In The Battle Of The Orbital Gate, many Cornerian Fighters can be seen flying around, you can shoot them many times until shooting down, for unknown reason some of them can give items like Smart Bomb.
  • The design for the Cornerian Fighter also bears a resemblance to Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing Starfighter from Star Wars Episode III.
  • The Cornerian Fighter from Star Fox Assault also appear in Super Smash Bros for the Wii U in The Orbital Gate Stage at the background fighting Aparoids.
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