Lylat Datalink; Anatomy of an invasion, pg 68
The invasion of Katina is a textbook example of a Venom assault. The first enemy objective is to establish air superiority . Since Andross's Invader IIs are inferior to Cornerian fighters, the enemy will overwhelm the defenders with huge numbers. As Saucerer flies over primary targets, air defence units are lured into meeting the first wave of Invader IIs. A larger wave of enemy fighters then swarms out of Saucerer and eliminates the preoccupied defenders. With the skies clear, Saucerer deploys its Core Weapon and commences with the second objective: the complete annihilation of hapless ground units. At the end of the battle, shock troops are dropped to enslave any survivors.
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The Cornerian Fighter was the backbone fighter aircraft in the Cornerian Army during the Lylat Wars, often deployed by carrier or surface base. They are often seen on most Cornerian bases and fleets, such as Katina for example. It was multi-purpose fighter designed for many different types of missions like steath or assault, and is customizable based on the users strengths/weaknesses.


During the Lylat Wars, weak versions of these fighters were produced en masse at an astonishing rate to combat the massive numbers of the Androssian Army. It was the easiest to pilot for untrained cadets, and thus the most used fighter at the time. With its modest shielding, armor and performance, it could can stand toe-toe against nearly all threats before the invasion by Andross. The Invader II Assault Fighters suffered from numerous design flaws and were vastly inferior to Cornerian Fighters. To overcome their shortcomings, Andross had ordered all Invader IIs to be painted with Cornerians markings to confuse the Star Fox Team's target priorities, near managing to fool all but the advanced Targeting Computer. The beleaguered Cornerian Defense Force was nearly exhausted from holding back wave after wave of enemy fighters.

During the period of Oikonny's rebellion and the Aparoid invasion of the Lylat System, the Cornerian Army seemed to have made improvements to their fighters and differed greatly from their Lylat Wars counterparts. These fighters had improved speed, manuverability and somewhat better weapons. They still could be outperformed by Aparoid air/sapce fighters. Each ship had two sets of wings, a nose similar to an Arwing's and a single laser cannon. They fought at the Battle of Fortuna against Oikonny's Rebel Army, fought in the defence of Corneria City and the Orbital Gate and participated in the Aparoid Homeworld strategem, before they were overwhelmed, retreating at 20% in casualties.

Following the Anglar attacks on the Lylat System, the Cornerian Fighters were still in action defending Corneria and other territories. One such Cornerian Fighter was piloted by Commander Bill Grey, distincive from its more unique coloration and outfitted with twin lasers and a smart bomb launcher. Another identical Cornerian Fighter with a unique coloration was specifically used by Krystal, a recently recruited Cornerian Air Force pilot who formerly served in the Star Fox team instead of her own modified Cloud Runner starfighter. This same Cornerian Fighter was also used by Krystal when she joined up with the outlaw Star Wolf team.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (コーネリアファイター)


  • A ship resembling the green coloured Cornerian Fighter from Star Fox 64 appears in the F-Zero GP Legend anime's 33rd Episode (within James McCloud's past memory).
  • Bill Grey's Cornerian Fighter in the 3DS release of Star Fox 64 resembles the one used by him in Star Fox Command. This was presumably chosen to tell him apart even more.
  • Interestingly, Bill Grey's fighter in Star Fox Zero resembles the Wolfen in design.