Bill Grey, is a squadron leader at Katina's Frontline Base. Bill and Fox go way back; in fact, they studied together at the Corneria Flight Academy. If you assist Bill and save Katina's base, it's a sure bet that he will find a way to repay the favour later on.
—Official Nintendo Power Player's guide, pg 67

The Cornerian Academy (also known as the Cornerian Defense Army Academy or Cornerian Flight Academy in certain supplemental sources) is a training ground for the Cornerian Defense Force.


Fox McCloud was a cadet at the Cornerian Defense Army Academy when he heard the news that his father, James McCloud, had met a violent end at the hands of the twisted genius, Andross. Fox's dear friend and classmate Bill Grey was a cadet in the Academy before his future as commander of Corneria's Bulldog Squadron and Husky Squadron. Slippy Toad attended the academy with Fox and Bill, but withdrew at Fox's persuasion, even though he had not yet completed his training. Slippy specialized in engineering at the Cornerian Academy, and learned a lot from his father, Beltino Toad, who is Director of Engineering at Space Dynamics Co. Ltd. This drop-out took a heavy toil on Slippy's piloting skills, yet he was competent enough as a wingmate, backed up by his mechanical improvements he made throughout his service in the Star Fox team.  

It is unknown if Falco Lombardi or Lucy Hare attended the academy with them.

In the Star Fox Command ending "Good-bye, Fox ", Fox and Krystal's son Marcus enters the Cornerian Academy and follows his father's path. The apple does not fall far from the tree, as Marcus is gifted with unbelievable flying skill.

Other appearances

Star Fox Comic

In the Nintendo Power Comics, Fox attended an academy where his father was justly proud of him. Fox apparently "was at the top of his class". "He could fly circles around a flea, endure days of gravity training, recite the Cornerian Constitution backwards and belch on command." Then Fox met a rowdy Falco who wanted to fly. Fox apparently showed Falco the way to fly by cleaning up his act, entering the academy and "earned his wings".

Super Smash Bros. Melee

While not being named as such, Slippy's trophy references his past with Fox: "He and Fox have been friends ever since their school days."


The Cornerian Flight Academy is not the only form of education on the planet, considering the existence of the Cornerian University, suggesting there are several possible departments.

It is not known whether or not Golemech is something Andross created or something he discovered in the ancient ruins that dot the surface of Venom. Few archeologists surveys were sent to Venom before Andross took it over as his base, but Corneria University scientists believe that the legendary Lost Tribe of Cornerus did, indeed, inhabit Venom in the distant past. They also think it possible that Golemech is a remnant of the Lost Tribe's technology. Ancient texts state that the tribe eventually struck out into space to find a new home, but what became of them, no one knows.
—Lylat Datalink, Evidence of a lost tribe?, pg 110.