Cornerian civilians

The Cornerian people rejoice.

Cornerians, citizens of Corneria, seem to be mainly canines, but since around 85% of the Lylat System's population originates from this planet, there is no specific single dominating race of anthropomorphic humanoid animals.

Society and Culture

The geology of Corneria may not seem like the most exciting topic in the Lylat System, but the porous, volcanic stone of Corneria has shaped the planet's history in many ways. Everywhere you go on the planet, you'll find that caves, tunnels, stone arches and crevices have been carved from the rock by the planet's many streams and rivers. Thoughout history, Cornerians have used these rocky refuges to hide from their oppressors. In times of war, the citizens flee to the hills and huddle far beneath the ground, safe until the fighting ends. Entire cities have been built in the larger cave systems to house the refugees. When the war ends and the people return home, they call it "rocking out".
—Lylat Datalink; Corneria Rocks pg 31

The people of Corneria are generally peaceful and would rather avoid fierce conflict than suffer casualties, unfortunately, this makes them easy targets for malevolant forces such as Andross's Empire. They mainly live in the highly advanced Corneria City, retreating to seek refuge within the mountains when the planet comes under attack.

The various technologies of this planet, which are developed by the Cornerians themselves, are highly advanced, compared to real world counterparts, highly developed spacecraft, weapons, communication channels, and other designs that far outdate that of our own.

Notable Cornerians

  • General Pepper, commander in chief of Corneria's military forces, is a Hound, a famous breed of dog.
  • Andross, former top Primate scientist of the Cornerian Army, originated from Corneria until his banishment to Venom for performing dangerous, illegal experiments (a reason for banishment would be that the Cornerians are peaceful and an execution would make Pepper no better than Andross).
  • Falco Lombardi's past is shrouded in mystery. Therefore, his homeworld is unclear, whether or not he belongs to Corneria or Zoness (as he showed sympathy for both of their states during the Lylat Wars).

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