Corneria Precious Metals Ltd. is a Cornerian deep space mining company run by president Grippy Toad, uncle of Slippy Toad. This company has multiple bases around Corneria, which have come under attack by violent robots. Grippy hired Slippy to create a security system to defend against the robots, the end result being the AegisCam Security System.

In the game

Grippy Toad has hired his nephew Slippy to guard the tower at the center of each Corneria Precious Metal Ltd. base from enemy robots, using the AegisCam security system, a state-of-the-art defense program designed by Slippy Toad, a member of the legendary Star Fox team. By watching 12 live video feeds, then activating the camera-mounted laser guns to blast and clear the area of all Combat Bot intruders. Each AegisCam security system comes fully equipped with its own RE:BOT unit, a frog-like robot that cleans up debris from downed enemies and converts it into precious metals used to upgrade defences.



  • The Cornerian Precious Metal HQ can be seen near Pepper's Tower in Star Fox Zero.


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