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General Pepper's Flight Log, pg 26
Fox, the military situation on Corneria is deteriorating! Andross's advance forces have finally breached our defences and are assaulting the capital! We've held them back for as long as possible, but now we need your help! The main thrust of Andross's attack on Corneria is centred around the old army base in Corneria City. Approach the city through the southern canyon- this should give you the element of surprise. Take out all the fighters and ground forces. Beware of falling rubble from the buildings of the city, and watch out for berserk construction robots!
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Corneria is the fourth planet of the Lylat System, and essentially the Lylat "mother" planet as it is the homeworld of many characters, especially the local Cornerians. It is a terrestrial farming world with a variety of climates and terrains, more than the vast majority of planets in the Lylat System. Many of the inhabitants live in the shelter of the mountain ranges, where very productive farming soil can be found.


Corneria is currently home to an estimated 85% of the total sentient population of the Lylat system but, due to careful planning, remains a verdant garden world. Its cities and industry were built while keeping in harmony with nature, allowing its rich ecosystem to flourish. It is implied from Star Fox Assault that some military bases might be Cornerian-made islands. Roads on Corneria seem to be built above the ground as to allow the plant life to thrive, and from space the planet looks to have a large amount of cloud cover and oceans. It is the center of culture and government of the Lylat system, and is a prime target for those seeking conquest over the galaxy.

Planetary compendium

Planetary Compendium
The temperate world of Corneria is known as the jewel of the Lylat system. Although the planet is home to 85% of the Lylat system's population, its industry and cities are built in harmony with nature. Corneria is the center of government, culture and politics for the Lylat system.
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Lylat Datalink; Corneria Rocks pg 31
The geology of Corneria may not seem like the most exciting topic in the Lylat System, but the porous, volcanic stone of Corneria has shaped the planet's history in many ways. Everywhere you go on the planet, you'll find that caves, tunnels, stone arches and crevices have been carved from the rock by the planet's many streams and rivers. Thoughout history, Cornerians have used these rocky refuges to hide from their oppressors. In times of war, the citizens flee to the hills and huddle far beneath the ground, safe until the fighting ends. Entire cities have been built in the larger cave systems to house the refugees. When the war ends and the people return home, they call it "rocking out".
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Despite the relatively peaceful nature of its citizens, Corneria has always been a prime target for attack. In earlier times, the original Star Fox team, which was led by James McCloud, protected the world as mercenaries, with the help of the Cornerian Army. Meanwhile, Dr. Andross had been focusing time and energy on researching his areas of scientific expertise concerning bio-engineering and space warps, which were of no use to Cornerian lifestyle and he was ordered to terminate his work. Nevertheless, Andross ignored his warnings and unleashed a secret weapon which annihilated a large section of Corneria's main city and resulted in heavy casualties. General Pepper took immediate action and his forces captured Andross, tried him for treason and exiled him to Venom as punishment. Five years later, Corneria's observation station noticed signs of bio-weaponry coming from Venom, worrying General Pepper into recruiting the Star Fox team to recon the situation.

After James McCloud disappeared from his recon mission on Venom, the renegade Andross struck against Corneria without warning after amassing an impressively large army. Due to the fact that a war from space had essentially never been waged on the planet before, and the fact that the military forces of the planet were small because the need for them had seemed absent, the Cornerian Army was largely unprepared for the attack. Thus, the army was unable to defend Lylat on its own. The responsibility then fell upon General Pepper to contact the new Star Fox team led by James' son, Fox McCloud, to intervene and save the Lylat system. Vanguard forces of the Androssian Army breached Corneria's defenses, but their advance through an old Cornerian military base was halted by the Star Fox team. Andross' forces were defeated on Corneria, saving the planet from further destruction.

The people of Corneria spent the next few years recovering and rebuilding, attempting the bring the planet back to its former glory. Several cites were hit hard by the attack, some being totally demolished. Roads had to be rebuilt and oceans had to be cleaned, among other things. Andross' forces, in all likelihood, fled the planet after Andross was defeated.

Nine years passed after the Lylat Wars before the crisis involving the Aparoids, which was a completely different scenario. Striking in vast numbers with superior firepower, the Cornerian Defense Force took many casualties. The crazed aliens were able to rush past the planet's defenses and go planet-side within minutes of the attack. The problem was worsened by the fact that the Aparoids could control any soldier they came in contact with. In addition, General Pepper eventually went missing: In actuality, he ended up infected by the Aparoids. When Fox arrived on the planet to retake it from the Aparoids, he was so shocked at the events that he even initially wondered whether it actually was Corneria before proceeding with his mission. With air support from the rest of the team, Fox was able to destroy several of the alien radar jammers that disrupted the Arwings' sensor systems, making it hard for them to tell the difference between friend or foe. When Fox's demise was at hand, he was saved at the last minute by his rival, Wolf O'Donnell. Armed with a Plasma Cannon and riding on the wing of the Wolfen, Fox was able to destroy the majority of the Aparoid forces, including those that had possessed General Pepper and his flagship.

The Orbital Gate directly above Corneria was the next target of the Aparoid attack. The leftover members of the Cornerian Defense Force and the Cornerian Army, in concert with the Star Fox team, held off the attacking aliens and missiles while the Science Division, headed by Slippy Toad's father Beltino Toad, worked on the Self-Destruct program. This program was literally an "Anti-Aparoid program bomb" which could be used to wipe out all of the Aparoid forces after being injected into the Aparoid Queen.

Damage reports revealed that the sudden strike from the Aparoids left the planet heavily damaged, and that the population suffered, though the individuals who had the time would presumably have retreated into the caves for safety. Due to the unexpectedness of the attack, however, the Aparoids were able to do a massive amount of damage in their short time on the planet. Fortunately, the residential areas suffered the least damage with attacks being aimed mostly at military island outposts. According to the post-war briefing, Corneria's destruction level was an A+, and the Aparoids were expunged. After the war, the Beltino Orbital Gate becomes the center of government for Corneria while the planet is being rebuilt from the invasion. The time of peace that followed was at first somewhat chaotic, with the people of the planet doing their best to recover quickly from the damages.

Almost two years after the Aparoid crisis was resolved, the planet was again invaded by a hostile alien race, this time the Anglars, a race of fish-people from the toxic Venom seas. It was briefly under occupation before Fox McCloud defeated the Anglars, but the fate of the planet afterwards is shrouded due to the multiple endings of Star Fox Command.

In the comics

Star Fox comic

Corneria appears in the Nintendo Power comics based on the original Star Fox title's continuity, where the planet is again under attack from Andross and his forces.

Lylat Wars comic

Corneria appears as the first location in the comic, where the Star Fox Team begin their missions. Giving the order to ship out into the fray, the Star Fox Team check their Arwing conditions, each giving themselves clearance before arriving at Corneria City. Taking out the squadron leader, Fox is the first to be chased by Tripod Fighters, with Peppy coming to his aid. Much like the games, Slippy is chased by numerous starfighters, but shakes them off using a Barrel Roll at Peppy's advice. The team eventually reach Granga, discovering that he is fully armed with missiles and grenades. Slippy scans Granga for weaknesses and suggests to Fox that a shot to the leg will destroy him. Fox makes a successful shot with one hit, causing Granga to topple over to his destruction.

A few days later, upon their return to Corneria, General Pepper is eternally greateful for Star Fox's contributions and offers to have them in the Cornerian military and make Fox the Cornerian Minister of defense. Fox declines believing that they work better as a small quick group than an army. They announce that they need to get back to work and that Katt is waiting for Falco, but Fox promises that the Cornerian Army can always count on them.


  • The Currency of Corneria and Lylat has not yet been confirmed, yet the Star Fox team's Invoice displays a credit mark which resembles a U.S.A. dollar symbol ($).
    • This same symbol appears again on the Star Wolf team's bounties wanted poster of during the intro story of Star Fox Command.
  • Corneria bears many similarities to Earth including size, temperature, and nearly the same amount of oxygen, nitrogen and water. This is why it can support life.
  • Corneria's name may be adapted from the name Cornelia, the feminine form of Cornelius.
    • It may also be because it's in the "Corner" of the Lylat System

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