Cluster Bombs are more powerful versions of Smart Bombs, and can be carried by the Arwing or Wolfen. When launched they will release a cluster of Grenades that all explode in conjunction with one another. The text on the Bomb says "Wide Range Eliminator."


Cluster Bombs are exclusive to Versus Mode in "Assault" only, and are only made available once they are unlocked by playing 200 Versus matches. In appearance, the Cluster Bombs look just like their Smart Bomb counterparts, only with an orange/yellow colouring, instead of red/white. One can lock on with the Cluster Bombs just as one can with Smart Bombs. When locked on, the bomb focuses the Grenades in the enemy's vicinity. When fired without homing onto an enemy, the bomb functions similarly to the Fireburst Pod.

Strategy Guide

The cluster bomb is made for use by the Arwing or the Wolfen. When you drop the bomb above a stretch of ground, it will spatter the landscape with a series of explosives.
—Nintendo Power Strategy Guide, pg 102

Official Site description

Cluster Bomb: Arwing and Wolfen only. An air-to-surface explosive. When deployed, the bomb will spatter the landscape with a series of explosions.
—Cluster bomb description on the official site.


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