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Clucktrons are bird-like Chaos Class robots that appear as enemies in "Star Fox Guard". They make their first appearance in the third stage of the game, Zoness. Their leader is a giant Clucktron known as Queen Clucktron.

Physical Appearance

The Clucktron resembles a bird, hence their name being a play from "cluck", which is the sound a chicken makes and "tron", often used to describe metallic characters. These robots do slightly resemble chickens with yellow colored bodies, orange beaks, and yellow eyes. Their wings seem to be more for aesthetic purposes as they do not really appear to allow the robots to fly. They also have claws at the end of their feet.

In the game

In battle, Clucktrons will attack the cameras with their beaks in an attempt to dislodge and carry them off, which renders the camera inert. Destroying the Clucktrons causes them to drop the cameras, at which point the cameras will revert to their active state.

Whenever they spot a camera, Clucktrons will emit hearts. This is a sign that their target has been caught and they must be taken out as fast as possible before they reach the camera.