The CloudRunner Flute is an item featured in "Star Fox Adventures"



Fox playing the CloudRunner Flute.

It is a long, spiny, spiral sea shell like flute which acts as a call for young CloudRunners to return to their parents.

CloudRunner Flute

(CloudRunner Fortress)


Queen CloudRunner gives you this instrument. Use it to call her four young children, who will flee the fortress if they think the SharpClaw have truly taken over.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 11



Fox collects the Flute.

The CloudRunner Flute is obtained in the CloudRunner Fortress from the Queen CloudRunner so that Fox McCloud could reunite the four Sons of the Queen. Fox must first quickly scout round the Fortress, dealing with all the SharpClaw who pester the children. If the player eliminates the SharpClaw quickly before the time gauge runs out, Fox will be able to play the Flute and send the Queen's children back to her.


The Horn in 3D.

When returning to ThornTail Hollow, Fox can use the Flute to communicate with a CloudRunner above the ThornTail Store for a Bafomdad.

The Flute returns to the Test of Knowledge, representing CloudRunner Fortress.


  • Aside from interactions with CloudRunners, the flute is useless after Fox returns to the planet surface as it is not even selectable.


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