The Climate Control Center was developed on the planet Fichina, likely at some point between the Lylat Wars and the Aparoid Invasion. Its development resulted in the planet becoming habitable.


The climate control center was a primarily circular building, with at least one entrance as well as the main antechamber that contained the weather control system. The system was a large pole that influenced the meteorlogical atmosphere into changing, in this case, preventing the planet's naturally occurring, uninhabitable blizzards from occurring.


By the time Star Fox arrived at Fichina to apprehend Pigma Dengar for the theft of a Core Memory containing vital Aparoid information based on a tip from Star Wolf member Panther Caroso, the climate control center was shut down for an extensive period of time presumably by Pigma, resulting in a huge blizzard on the planet, as well as several Aparoids being reported nearby. As the rest of the Star Fox team was unable to fly their Arwings in the blizzard, Fox McCloud descended onto the planet alone. Fox also discovered that the center was protected by a shield barrier, necessitating that Fox deactivate it to reactivate the climate control center. The shield generators themselves were invulnerable to Fox's equipment to be destroyed directly, so Fox targeted the green power supply of the generator towers instead. Upon doing so with the Landmaster, he then entered the climate control center, but left the Landmaster behind because it could not fit inside, and activated the controls, eliminating the blizzard for good. However, before he was even able to leave, the Sentry bots started targeting Fox, also sealing him inside the control center due to a security lockdown, thus forcing Fox to hold them off until Falco arrived.

Afterwards, Slippy investigated the remains of the sentry bots and discovered the cause of their malfunction: they were taken over by aparoids. However, Pigma then appeared and infected one of the shield generators. Because of Pigma's earlier actions, it caused the main generator itself to become critically unstable, thus undergoing self-destruction and forcing the Star Fox team to fight off the generator and let Pigma escape, as the alternative was to let Fichina experience permanent blizzards. After destroying the aparoid while sparing the generator itself, the Aparoid forces retreated.


As a direct result of the mission, the climate control center was in need of repair work from damages by both Pigma and the aparoids, with the warning system and ancillary equipment needing to be in dire need of reevaluated.


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