Well done Fox! You are now honorary member of tribe!
—Chief LightFoot

Chief LightFoot is the leader of the LightFoot Tribe. He lives in a high grounded hut above the swamps of LightFoot Village, making an audience with him difficult to reach for dinosaurs and characters with poor climbing or swimming.  


Chief LightFoot's appearance closely resembles that of the popular version of Dilophosaurus as depicted in the film "Jurassic Park."  He wears a headdress of colorful feathers, metal bands on his arms and ankles, rings, braclets, and a kind of necklace. In his hut he has a large stone chair with huge rainbow feathers on the back of it, and yellow paint on it, that could be called a throne.


The Chief is somewhat sadistic as he will peer over at Fox if he fails the Test of Strength, branding him as "pathetic". The way he sits in his chair suggest he is laid back and arrogant, together with the dialogue from the opposite picture. The Chief is usually surrounded by other LightFoots who fan him, and guard him in his hut. MuscleFoot seems to be his bodyguard.


Plight of Sauria

When another member of the Tribe said that Fox stole his treasure, the Chief captured Fox and attempted to punish him for stealing. Thankfully a CloudRunner came to Fox's aid by breathing fire at the LightFoots that were going to stab him

Afterwards, when Fox arrived, he initially dismissed him, apparently under the belief that Fox still wanted to prove his innocence. He then challenged Fox McCloud to complete the LightFoot Tests during his first visit to planet Sauria, in order for him to be inducted into the tribe and thus allowed in the "temple" where the teleporter to the third Krazoa Spirit was. There, Fox faced the third test, the Test of Fear.

Aparoid Invasion

His fate during the Aparoid Invasion is unknown, along with the rest of his tribe.



  • Chief LightFoot's vocals were performed by Chris Seavor; who also voiced as Slippy Toad and Peppy Hare. He speaks in a Gollum like shrilled, gargeled throat like voice. Coincidentally, Chris Seavor and Rare are of English origin, as is Andy Serkis who portrayed Gollum in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit motion picture trilogies.
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